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Key Feature: The new JDL shafts are designed specifi-cally for drivers with adjustable hosels. How so? Through a scientific process that's way above our heads, the whizzes at Miyazaki have created virtually spineless shafts. So, no matter how it's oriented in the clubhead, it performs exactly as it should: flawlessly.
Who It's For: Primarily those with adjustable-headed clubs, but it's so good that it's worth a try in any clubhead.
Specs: Comes in four models in a variety of flex, torque and weight profiles. | $299
Key Feature: The one-size-fits-all Nunchuk features Tri-Zonal Stability tech, which eliminates excessive twisting, flexing and droop, all factors that lead to inconsistent hits. Even at 103 grams, the counterbalanced Nunchuk performs exceptionally well for players of any skill. The Nunchuk also comes in a handy hybrid model.
Who It's For: Golfers who want to take the hassle out of finding a powerful, inventive and rock-steady shaft.
Specs: Simple: one weight (103g), one flex. Comes in hybrids, too. | $275
Nunchuk xi
Key Feature: On the heels of the successful wood and hybrid shaft, the same Tri-Zonal Tech made its way into an all-new Nunchuk graphite iron shaft. Again, the one- size/one-weight-fits-all fitting system is in place, and these graphite shafts promise less vibration, better feel and uniquely better "bio-feedback" to help golfers make similar swings with each iron in the bag.
Who It's For: Fans of Nunchuk shafts, of course, and also those who want to try a cutting-edge alternative to steel.
Specs: Comes in 104g, one flex/length. Butt trim to length. | $175
Kiyoshi White
Key Feature: The new Kiyoshi White shaft from Oban has the company's MultiPlex Design Technology that combines a soft butt section with a stiff tip and midsection for a new level of high performance.
Who It's For: These shafts are geared to yield mid-trajectory ballflights with lower spin, meaning they work well for just about all player types.
Specs: Comes in two weight options (65g/75g) in R, S and X flex (no R flex in 75g option). | $399
Project X
PXv Tour 52
Key Feature: The second generation in the Project X franchise, the PXv Tour 52 produces maximum ball speed while preserving critical stability and control through the hitting zone.
Who It's For: Tour players who want astounding performance in their lightweight wood shafts. It's also available in a heavier model for players who prefer a little extra weight and heavier clubheads.
Specs: Comes in four flex models (5.5-7.0). | $349
SK Fiber
Key Feature: Designed to promote the much desired high-launch/low-spin ballflight, the Fury uses a proprietary composite layer to reinforce the mid- and tip sections. And, well, it does just that: creates a high/low-spin launch.
Who It's For: Hey, folks, SK Fiber is the real deal. They have been producing incredible shafts at remarkable values.
Specs: Comes in R, S, X flex in 65g models. | $89
SK Fiber
Key Feature: Looking for an awesome value-minded shaft? The Superfly (what a great name!) is an ultralight (47g-53g) shaft that will instantly add more clubhead speed to your golf swing. And in case you aren't familiar with SK Fiber, they have been making some of our favorite shafts in the last few years. You can go ahead and add this one to the list. A great buy.
Who It's For: Golfers with average swing speeds who want some immediate distance and a high, towering ballflight.
Specs: Comes in three flexes—A, R, S. | $55
SK Fiber
Key Feature: The aggressive Wraith is a superlight composite shaft designed to increase clubhead speed for players with moderate tempos who want a higher ballflight, maximum distance and enhanced feel.
Who It's For: See the above! No really, SK Fiber shafts are the real deal and are designed with a serious nod to quality control. Every SK Fiber shaft is guaranteed to flex according the flex written on the shaft.
Specs: 55g, available in a wide range of profiles and flexes. | $49
UST Mamiya
Attas Elements
Key Feature: UST Mamiya says that the most important factor in a shaft is mid-flex stability. To that end, the researchers at UST Mamiya developed a shaft that reduces shaft droop, orbiting in the heel/toe, and redistributes torque through the shaft in order to maximize speed.
Who It's For: That's a lot of science, huh? What you need to know is these shafts feature mid-to-low launches (depending on model) with low spin, perfect for the better player who wants serious control and stability.
Specs: Comes in 57g-79g, in a variety of R, S, X flexes. | $199
With Michael Guerrette, VP of Product Research and Tour Development UST MAMIYA


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