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Crystal 3-Piece
Key Feature: The popular colored-ball brand has made its way into the high-performance market with the new Crystal 3-Piece. The two-piece low-compression core and translucent cover combine for big distance with woods and added spin with iron and wedge shots. It also has a very, very soft feel, which we love.
Who It's For: All player types who want better performance from a line of balls that come in four different colors.
Specs: Three-piece construction in four colors: green, yellow, orange and pink; also available in a rainbow pack or yellow/orange. | $32
Vista iv
Key Feature: Four-piece construction designed for Tour-level performance. This equates to big drives with minimal spin and greater spin on shorter shots. (Yes, it's possible to do, folks. That's what four layers are for.)
Who It's For: Golfers who want high-performance golf balls, with the added durability and color one would expect from Volvik golf balls.
Specs: 392-dimple design for a mid/high launch; Zirconium cover in four colors: green, yellow, orange and pink; also available in a rainbow pack or yellow/orange. | $47
Wilson Staff
FG Tour and FG Tour X
Key Feature: The new FG Tour and Tour X both feature a three-piece construction with Urethane covers for Tour-like performance. The Tour X model is slightly firmer than the regular FG Tour for lower-spinning ballflight.
Who It's For: Wilson has been around for a long time, and it looks like they're finally gaining traction back here in the U.S. Better players will love 'em. Big hitters will like the X.
Specs: Three-piece, Urethane cover. | $39

With Chris Beck, Brand Manager SRIXON


RIP Phenom
Key Feature: The mean, pirate-looking graphics on the new RIP Phenom hide a ton of new technology geared for added stability and power. The Hyperbolic Flex Zone provides a stiff tip section and a firm butt section, meaning the shaft flexes in the center. Thus, you have a penetrating launch and a very fast swing speed, thanks to some serious tech under the hood. It's our favorite Aldila shaft!
Who It's For: Golfers who want maximum power and control without a ballooning ballflight.
Specs: Comes in 50g or 70g in R, S or X flex. | $159
RIP Trinity
Key Feature: As the name implies, the Trinity combines three technologies into one shaft: RIP technology for control and distance; S-Core Tech for incredible stability; and Micro Laminate Tech for improved feel.
Who It's For: All player types, since the shaft features three of the latest and best innovations from Aldila. Shots fire with a Tour-like launch and minimal spin.
Specs: Comes in 63g-69g in A, R, S, X and TX flex. | $199
Key Feature: Designed as a lightweight, higher-balance-point shaft, the Blur helps golfers generate greater clubhead speed without compromising the great feel that some lightweight shafts just don't have.
Who It's For: Anyone who wants an instant boost in clubhead speed, thanks to a lighter shaft that doesn't feel like a lighter shaft.
Specs: Comes in a wide variety of performance profiles, ranging from 47g to 65g. | $175
Key Feature: The new FUEL shaft from Fujikura is hell-bent on distance, without sacrificing any control. The "Combustion Chamber," as it's called, is loaded with a series of high-modulus carbon plies that are orientated at 45° and 90°, which reduce friction and ovaling during the swing. Meaning, this shaft wastes no energy and directs more of it toward the golf ball.
Who It's For: So far, Tour players are loving the L/Mid launch and a very straight flight. (It's our favorite Fuji shaft yet.)
Specs: Comes in 56g-78g, in a variety of flex/torque options. | $225
Key Feature: There's an EXS shaft for everyone, thanks to a very comprehensive fitting system—that means there's an EXS shaft to perform, however you need it.
Who It's For: With over 20 shafts in the woods category alone, there's an EXS shaft for everyone. And that's just woods; the line covers hybrids and iron shafts, too.
Specs: Really, do we need to say it again? There's an EXS shaft that's fit for any type of player (trust us). | $115
Key Feature: The original Blue shaft from Grafalloy is one of the most popular graphite shafts of the last few years, and the new Blue shaft from Grafalloy promises to follow up with the same level of popularity, especially among those who want a trajectory that's lower and doesn't cause the ball to balloon into the air.
Who It's For: Stronger swingers who need the added stability for improved distance with control.
Specs: Comes in 60g and a heavier 70g option for golfers who use heavier driver and fairway wood clubheads. | $125


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