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Hex Hot
Key Feature: The new Hex Hot has a Fast Tech inner mantle for more distance, and the Trionomer cover promotes lower driver spin, again, for more distance. Put it this way, it's the longest Callaway ball we've ever hit.
Who It's For: Golfers who want a multilayer distance ball and who like the look, feel and performance of HEX-shaped dimple patterns.
Specs: Three-piece, Trionomer cover. | $27
Hex Hot Pro
Key Feature: Three-piece construction with a DuPont HPF Mantle that not only adds driver distance, but also provides some extra feel around the greens.
Who It's For: Golfers who want big distance from their golf ball with some added spin on short shots. Basically, it's a lot like the HEX Hot, but with extra control.
Specs: Three-piece, Trionomer cover. | $28
Hex Black Tour
Key Feature: Callaway's most highly engineered Tour-level ball. Innovative dual-core construction, durable cover material called DuraSpin and HEX aerodynamics all combine to create a ball with optimum "spin separation" or rather the difference between how the ball spins on short and full shots.
Who It's For: Phil Mickelson uses it. If you desire a high-performance ball with exceptional distance, here ya go.
Specs: Five-piece design, HEX aerodynamics. | $46

Key Feature: The high-visibility metallic finish is a feast for the eyes! The cover, which is translucent, shows
a reflective inner layer that encompasses the soft-
compression core, resulting in the most unique-looking ball out there.
Who It's For: Golfers who want a soft-feeling distance ball that's really quite easy to see and cool lookin'.
Specs: Two-piece, not counting the metallic inner coating. It also has a translucent Surlyn cover and two-piece core. | $20
Key Feature: The world's first eco-friendly golf ball made of recyclable material, the Earth also is a venerable distance ball with exceptional durability. And full shots feel soft and fly with a long and high trajectory.
Who It's For: Eco-concerned golfers who appreciate recyclable stuff. (The ball itself is recyclable.)
Specs: Made of 100% recyclable material; it can be traded in for new ones at a discounted price. | $40
Key Feature: A recyclable cast Urethane cover, "energy-intensifying mantle" and "high-intensity green core with ignite technology." Maybe we were just having a good day, but these things may be the longest balls we've ever hit. These quality balls fly a mile and spin like crazy around the greens.
Who It's For: Golfers who swing faster than 90 mph. Also for golfers who don't mind paying $6/ball.
Specs: This multilayer eco-friendly ball has 318 dimples and an Elastodynamic Urethane cover. | $75
One RZN & One RZN X
Key Feature: The soft RZN core promotes high distance, this time in a model for amateurs who want higher ball speed off the clubface. The X model is for penetrating
distance, whereas the standard One RZN has some added control.
Who It's For: Big-hitting amateurs who want Tour-like distance in a ball with a soft core.
Specs: Three-piece golf balls, both with Nike's new RZN core material. | $29
20XI-S & 20XI-X
Key Feature: The new 20XI-S and 20XI-X balls both have more distance at the core, thanks to a new RZN material that Nike claims is faster and lighter than rubber. There are two models: the X for more distance and the S for greater spin around the greens.
Who It's For: Golfers who want Tour-level performance in either the spin or distance variety.
Specs: Four-piece construction with new RZN cores; 360-dimple pattern. | $45
Key Feature: The XD has an asymmetrical dimple pattern that self-corrects hooks and slices by up to 50%.
Who It's For: Golfers who want to hit it straight and far and don't want to compete in USGA-sanctioned events. (Polaras don't conform to the rules.) These self-correcting balls can now be used with drivers with lofts of 9° to 10.5°. The XDS version spins more than the XD.
Specs: Two-piece construction. | $30


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