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2013 looks to keep going where 2012 left off, as far as golf balls are concerned. Colored models are still gaining popularity, as are a slew of soft-core/soft-cover models that not only feel great, but fly a long way. In addition, some popular models got tweaked and fine-tuned to perform even better than before. That said, golf ball fitting has become popular, as it not only helps Tour players find the right ball, but all abilities, as well.

Even after years of preaching it in the pages of Golf Tips, it seems many golfers still ignore the most critical component of the golf club. Really, once you find the right head to your liking, what shaft you put in it makes all the difference in how well it will work for you. Pay attention not only to flex, but also factors such as torque, length and weight. All these variables need to be considered if you want to make the most of any club in your golf bag.

B330 & B330-S
Key Feature: The B330 features a larger core and softer cover, not to mention Dual Dimple Technology, which offers superior aerodynamics and enhanced performance in the wind. The softer B330-S spins a little more.
Who It's For: Pro-swinging golfers with speeds over 105 mph. Players who like to bust shots through the wind.
Specs: 330 Dual Dimple Technology, Urethane cover, dual-mantle design for reduced spin and higher launch with driver and irons. | $45
Key Feature: Each of the three balls (e5, e6 and e7) caters specifically to certain players. The two-piece e5 is a distance ball at heart, but has a high-spin Urethane cover for short shots. The three-piece e6 is a super-soft multilayer ball with a durable Surlyn cover, and the three-piece e7 is a distance ball for every type of player.
Who It's For: Bridgestone is making great strides in golf ball fitting. There's an eSeries ball for just about everyone.
Specs: e5 is a two-piece, Urethane cover; e6 and e7 are both three-piece designs with Surlyn covers. | $27
B330-RX & B330-RXS
Key Feature: Features a mantle layer and Dual Dimple Technology for longer distance, better accuracy and optimized greenside performance. The softer Urethane cover allows slower-swinging players to achieve great greenside spin, and the newly formulated mantle layer reduces spin for longer drives. The RXS model has even higher spin for those who need more control around the green.
Who It's For: Golfers who swing less than 105 mph.
Specs: Three-piece, Urethane cover. The RXS is the softer of the two. | $45


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