2014 Buyer's Guide Shafts

We have several shafts in this roundup for you to choose from. Check 'em out.

Key Features: Much like the KBS Tour shaft with a tight shot dispersion, mid-launch and low-spin characteristics, only this time in a lighter steel version. Also, like every shaft Kim Braly makes (those are his initials, folks), the shafts are stepped for precision flexing from butt to tip, meaning they're silky-smooth and flex only as much as you need them to for extreme control.
Specs: Steel construction in three flexes (R, S, X) in 100g to 120g weights, respectively.
Nunchuk xi
Key Features: The same Tri-Zonal Tech that made the single-flex Nunchuk wood shaft so popular is here in a graphite shaft for irons. Again, the one-size-fits-all mantra is here, too, promising minimal vibration, better feel and more "bio-feedback" to help golfers make similar swings with each iron in the bag.
Specs: Available in 104g, one flex/length. Butt trim to desired length.
True Temper
DG Pro
Key Features: A progressive design (meaning the shafts have different design profiles for long, mid- and short irons) lends a higher ballflight in long irons and a controlled flight and cushioned feel in short irons. Middle irons are a mix of both. Long irons fly higher, short irons fly lower and middle irons, again, fall in between. Spin is also optimized for each shaft.
Specs: The steel progressive design comes in three flexes, each with progressive step patterns and weights in the full set.
Project X
Key Features: The PXi is a tapered steel shaft, designed for an aggressive player with a higher swing speed looking for a low-spin launch and a mid-low trajectory. That said, the PXi retains a smooth feel and has a lighter weight, making it a top choice among elite players who want the extra swing speed and distance that come from weight reduction in the shafts.
Specs: Available in four flexes from 108g to 117g.
True Temper
XP Series
Key Features: Designed specifically for players with deliberate swing speeds (you know who you are), the lightweight XP 95 shafts promote a high trajectory for maximum distance. If you want big distance (TT claims you can increase distance up to 6 to 8 yards more!), but have a faster tempo, the XP 105 is 10 grams heavier (105g), but still lends a high launch for max carry.
Specs: Both shafts come in S and R profiles.
UST Mamiya
Key Features: The popular Recoil composite shafts are designed to allow golfers to load and unload each shaft more effectively, whether it be a full or partial golf swing. That means better distance control and shot dispersion from club to club and swing to swing. Also, the unique construction helps absorb vibration for less wear and tear on the hands and elbow joints.
Specs: Available in a wide range of profiles and flexes.


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