2014 Buyer's Guide Shafts

We have several shafts in this roundup for you to choose from. Check 'em out.

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UST Mamiya
Key Features: The new generation of PROFORCE V5 shafts are for the player seeking more distance with improved feel over the previous generation. The firm tip section produces a mid-trajectory while the use of superior materials and design produces a very stable and consistent golf shaft. Put it this way: We've been huge fans of PROFORCE shafts over the years. This latest version has us all giddy inside.
Specs: Available in a variety of weights and flexes.
Players Spec Ami99
Key Features: If you want added forgiveness in longer irons and more rigid control in shorter irons and wedges, the Players Spec Ami99 delivers that in a precision-made set of graphite shafts. The "ascending weight progression" means weight increases incrementally from 95 grams in the 3-iron shaft to 100 grams in the pitching wedge shaft.
Specs: Progressively weighted, with SteelFiber composite construction.
RIP Iron
Key Features: It has a low-torque design, not just among graphite iron shafts, but it's low-torque when compared to steel models, as well. The tip and butt sections remain firm, while the center section does the bending work for the utmost in distance and control. And, like the wood RIP Shafts, it's made with the same RIP technology that made those shafts so popular.
Specs: Available in 90 and 115 composite models in a variety of flexes.
UST Mamiya
Elements Series
Key Features: Each shaft in the Elements Series (Earth, Wind, Fire and new the ion-plated Chrome Series) is fitted by a TSPX fitter, meaning that fitter is certified and is an expert, making sure you get the perfect shaft for your golf game. Whether it's a low, mid- or high launch with whatever spin you need, a TSPX fitter will give you the most personalized fit you can get from UST Mamiya. Every Tour player using a UST Mamiya shaft was fitted by a TSPX fitter. No exceptions.
Specs: Each shaft caters to a specific launch/spin ballflight, with a variety of flexes and weights within that set to choose from.
Pro 95i
Key Features: If you want a graphite shaft that has the weight of steel, the Pro 95i might be just the shaft. It has the weight (99g) you'd come to expect from steel, but with the feel and load capabilities a graphite shaft provides. This means more vibration dampening, making these among the smoothest-feeling graphite iron shafts around. The set uses a 2-iron blank, making it capable of holding a consistent swingweight throughout the set (when trimmed to length).
Specs: Available in X, S flex profiles with a mid-bendpoint.
Key Features: A stiff-tip design for a lower ballflight while retaining a smoother feel through impact.
This shaft also incorporates much of the same design found in the popular KBS Tour shaft, hence, the buttery feel and Tour-preferred trajectory (low-launch, low-spin) these shafts create. We love the satin finish, too.
Specs: Available in five flexes in steel with progressive weight/flex profiles.

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