2013 Buyer's Guide Shafts

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Key Feature: The new FUEL shaft from Fujikura is hell-bent on distance, without sacrificing any control. The "Combustion Chamber," as it's called, is loaded with a series of high-modulus carbon plies that are orientated at 45° and 90°, which reduce friction and ovaling during the swing. Meaning, this shaft wastes no energy and directs more of it toward the golf ball.
Who It's For: So far, Tour players are loving the L/Mid launch and a very straight flight. (It's our favorite Fuji shaft yet.)
Specs: Comes in 56g-78g, in a variety of flex/torque options.
fujikuragolf.com | $225
Key Feature: There's an EXS shaft for everyone, thanks to a very comprehensive fitting system—that means there's an EXS shaft to perform, however you need it.
Who It's For: With over 20 shafts in the woods category alone, there's an EXS shaft for everyone. And that's just woods; the line covers hybrids and iron shafts, too.
Specs: Really, do we need to say it again? There's an EXS shaft that's fit for any type of player (trust us).
fujikuragolf.com | $115
Key Feature: The original Blue shaft from Grafalloy is one of the most popular graphite shafts of the last few years, and the new Blue shaft from Grafalloy promises to follow up with the same level of popularity, especially among those who want a trajectory that's lower and doesn't cause the ball to balloon into the air.
Who It's For: Stronger swingers who need the added stability for improved distance with control.
Specs: Comes in 60g and a heavier 70g option for golfers who use heavier driver and fairway wood clubheads.
grafalloy.com | $125

Graphite Design
Tour AD GT
Key Feature: The all-new Tour AD GT shaft from Graphite Design has a slightly stiffer profile than the Tour AD DJ, resulting in a higher kickpoint for a mid-trajectory and improved control, especially among those who swing on the stronger side.
Who It's For: Better players will love the added dose of control this shaft lends, and the Material Stiffness Integration makes these the best shafts we've seen from GD.
Specs: Comes in four weights and a variety of flexes.
proschoicegolfshafts.com | $380
Graphite Design
Tour AD BB
Key Feature: The Tour AD BB "Blue Bullet" shafts have increased stiffness from the tip to middle section, which helps the shaft promote a mid-to-lower launch. In other words, if you're a fast swinger, this shaft will help you maximize distance and control without excessive spin.
Who It's For: Big hitters who want more control without having to sacrifice distance or feel. How good is that?
Specs: Comes in 50g, 60g, 70g and 80g weights in a variety of flex options.
proschoicegolfshafts.com | $380
Custom Lab
Key Feature: If you're looking for a sweet set of wedge shafts that have a personal touch, the KBS Custom Lab shafts are it. Available in sets of three, you can spec out your wedges in three finishes (we like the white the most) and an assortment of grips, ferrules and even decal color combos. Looking good has never looked so easy.
Who It's For: Golfers who want KBS's stellar shafts in their wedges and who also want a custom look.
Specs: Comes in three flexes (R, S, X) in countless custom artistic expressions. Available in packs of three.
kbsgolfshafts.com |$122/3-shaft pack


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