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By Brady Riggs, PGA

While there are definite differences in the clubhead's angle of attack at impact when using an iron or a driver, the relative position of the body is nearly the same. The left arm is long while the right arm is still bent, the hips are open, and the legs are pushing away from the ground and becoming straighter through impact. With both the irons and the driver, the hands lead the shaft into impact. The amount they lead is up to the player, but there must be a little forward handle position if the ball is to be struck properly. While it seems hard to understand, the clubhead can be going down with the iron and up with the driver while the hands are leading in both swings. The good news is, if you sequence the swing correctly and keep your hands and arms relaxed, the alignments at impact will be much easier to achieve. You just can't force it!

Even after years of preaching it in the pages of Golf Tips, it seems many golfers still ignore the most critical component of the golf club. Really, once you find the right head to your liking, what shaft you put in it makes all the difference in how well it will work for you. Pay attention not only to flex, but also factors such as torque, length and weight. All these variables need to be considered if you want to make the most of any club in your golf bag.

RIP Phenom
Key Feature: The mean, pirate-looking graphics on the new RIP Phenom hide a ton of new technology geared for added stability and power. The Hyperbolic Flex Zone provides a stiff tip section and a firm butt section, meaning the shaft flexes in the center. Thus, you have a penetrating launch and a very fast swing speed, thanks to some serious tech under the hood. It's our favorite Aldila shaft!
Who It's For: Golfers who want maximum power and control without a ballooning ballflight.
Specs: Comes in 50g or 70g in R, S or X flex.
aldila.com | $159
RIP Trinity
Key Feature: As the name implies, the Trinity combines three technologies into one shaft: RIP technology for control and distance; S-Core Tech for incredible stability; and Micro Laminate Tech for improved feel.
Who It's For: All player types, since the shaft features three of the latest and best innovations from Aldila. Shots fire with a Tour-like launch and minimal spin.
Specs: Comes in 63g-69g in A, R, S, X and TX flex.
aldila.com | $199
Key Feature: Designed as a lightweight, higher-balance-point shaft, the Blur helps golfers generate greater clubhead speed without compromising the great feel that some lightweight shafts just don't have.
Who It's For: Anyone who wants an instant boost in clubhead speed, thanks to a lighter shaft that doesn't feel like a lighter shaft.
Specs: Comes in a wide variety of performance profiles, ranging from 47g to 65g.
fujikuragolf.com | $175


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