2012 Buyer's Guide Shafts

It's the club's engine. Are you in need of a tune-up?

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Kusala White/Indigo
Key Feature: The new Kusala White produces a soft yet stable feel in the hands, with a very active tip section for increased ball speed and a higher trajectory. The Indigo shaft has a constant-flex code, meaning it has a balanced flex through the shaft. Its stable feel and mid to low trajectory is ideal for aggressive golf swings.
Who It's For: The White is perfect for modest swing speeds; the Indigo is mean enough for faster swings.
Specs: When combined with the Silver, Blue and Black versions, there's a huge assortment to choose from.
miyazakigolfshafts.com | $250
Key Feature: The one-size-fits-all Nunchuk features Tri-Zonal Stability tech, which eliminates excessive twisting, flexing and droop, all factors that lead to inconsistent hits. Even at 103 grams, the counterbalanced Nunchuk performs exceptionally well for players of any skill. And new for 2012, the Nunchuk comes in a handy hybrid model.
Who It's For: Golfers who want to take the hassle out of finding a powerful, inventive and rock-steady shaft.
Specs: Simple—one weight (103g), one flex.
nventix.com | $275
Tour Prototype
Key Feature: Designed with Tour players in mind, the Tour Prototype has a stable feel with a firm tip, butt and mid-section. Meaning, this shaft stays put during the swing and doesn't droop, resulting in solid hits more often.
Who It's For: Better players for sure. It's made to promote a low-launch and low-spin flight, which is what Tour players want. Average folks? Stick with something softer.
Specs: Comes in 55g, 65g and 75g models in R, S, X.
obanshafts.com | $440
Kiyoshi Black
Key Feature: Golfers with quicker tempos and those who want the ball to fly with less spin and a midlaunch trajectory can't miss here. The Kiyoshi Black's Emersion Wrapped Frequency Technology delivers a shaft with a stiffer torque than the Kiyoshi Purple, which leads to the low-spin, mid-height launch angle.
Who It's For: Golfers who want a premium, Japanese-made shaft that lends maximum distance in a low-spin, midlaunch design.
Specs: Comes in S and X, in 70g and 71g, respectively.
obanshafts.com | $360
Project X
Key Feature: The new Project X Black is a lighter version of the popular Project X graphite shaft. It too has the same low-spin, tip-stable performance that better players have come to love, as well as literal aerospace materials that ensure superconsistent, supersteady performance.
Who It's For: Tour players who want a lighter version of the popular Project X shaft.
Specs: Four frequencies (5.0, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0) in different weight profiles. Hybrid models also available ($199).
truetemper.com | $349
Project X
Key Feature: A Project X graphite iron shaft? Yes! The new PXi "incorporates the hallmarks of the Project X brand—Tour-caliber spin control and tip stability—in a lightweight package. Project X PXi's lighter weight produces greater distance and improved feel through an optimized butt to tip stiffness calibration." Couldn't have said it better...
Who It's For: Golfers who want to try an awesome alternative to steel shafts.
Specs: Comes in four frequencies (5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5).
truetemper.com | $70/each


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