2012 Buyer's Guide Shafts

It's the club's engine. Are you in need of a tune-up?

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Motore Speeder VC.2 TS
Key Feature: The Motore Speeder VC.2 Tour Spec uses Fuji's proprietary Triax Woven material along with Quadra Axis Composite, together forming a unique 7-Axis Technology. Okay, what's that mean? This shaft is primed for the better player who wants extraordinary consis-tency, distance and control. Hello, PGA Tour...
Who It's For: Tour players are gobbling it up.
Specs: Comes in S or X flex in 65g, 69g or 74g models. (Non-Tour Spec models also available.)
fujikuragolf.com | $399
Rombax Type-X
Key Feature: Kevlar Triax and Vectran...yeah, sounds over our heads, too. Here's what you need to know: This hot new shaft reduces ovaling and keeps the head stable as heck through impact. The result is more hits off the sweet spot and longer, straighter shots.
Who It's For: It'll work well for anyone who wants a strong, long-hitting and stable shaft that absorbs vibration like a sponge. We love those graphics, too.
Specs: Comes in 65-75g models in S or X flex.
fujikuragolf.com | $325
Key Feature: Using high-modulus carbon fiber, the BooYah has a low bend point for a higher trajectory. And really, it's our favorite shaft name out there...
Who It's For: Golfers who want to hit higher, longer shots, thanks to a high energy transfer into the golf ball. It's a great shaft for mid- to high-handicappers. Expect high tee shots with maximum carry, even if your swing speed isn't as fast as a Tour player's. Nice price, too.
Specs: Available in 45g, 48g and 50g in a variety of flexes.
grafalloy.com | $99

ProLaunch AMP
Key Feature: Advanced Material Performance (AMP) translates to a unique lay-up pattern that powers tee shots. The reduced torque combined with better overall shaft stability in the grip and mid sections mean this shaft is stable enough to swing hard without losing control.
Who It's For: This shaft was made to swing hard (fast), so we suspect better players who want some more lift in their tee balls will fall in love with this shaft.
Specs: More flexible shafts (A/R) have softer tips for higher launches than the stiffer shafts (S/X). Four weights avail.
grafalloy.com | $125
Graphite Design
G Series
Key Feature: The G-Series performance characteristics favor a low- to midlaunch trajectory and a midball spin. The new X-Directional Technology uses the already proven GD MSI (Material Stiffness Integration) design method and a new application for graphite alignment. All this means? This shaft has remarkable control, feel and distance.
Who It's For: Golfers with average swing speeds who want to play things safe and choose a shaft that's awesome for midlaunch, midspin performance.
Specs: Low or Low/Mid kickpoints in a variety of models.
gdintl.com | $169
Graphite Design
G Series Hybrid
Key Feature: Sporting the same performance characteristics found in the G Series, this hybrid shaft is ideal for golfers looking to fine-tune their hybrid shotmaking.
Who It's For: Whether you're looking for more distance, a higher/lower launch or more control (or all the above), there's a G Series hybrid shaft that will get you there.
Specs: Comes in 85g or 95g models in R, S or X flex.
gdintl.com | $89


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