2011 Buyer's Guide Shafts

Is the shaft really the engine of the club?

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Key Features: Most recently used by Jhonattan Vegas en route to victory on
the PGA Tour, the NUNCHUK’s “Tri-Zonal Stability” design offers exceptional power and a greater acceleration of the clubhead. This means the ball flies a lot longer. Users of this shaft say it has a great “one-piece” feeling with the clubhead.
What We Like: The name is awesome, but so is the performance. Don’t believe us? Just ask Jhonattan Vegas what he thinks.
Who It’s For: For all player types.
Specs: Comes in a 104g, one-flex model
nventix.com | $259
Key Features: Utilizing Oban’s Emersion Wrapped Frequency Technology, the Kiyoshi is just the shaft for longer tee shots and a tighter shaft dispersion.
What We Like: The color and the name are favorites, but really, this shaft performs as good (if not better) than it looks.
Who It’s For: All skill levels who want a high-performance, Tour-caliber shaft. Torques vary by weight class, meaning there’s one for every swing speed.
Specs: Comes in 55, 65 and 75g, and hybrid models, in a variety of flex/torque profiles.
obanshafts.com | $350

Project X
Key Features: A similar bend profile to the Project X iron shaft, the Project X wood shafts yield a very penetrating launch and low spin. Their reinforced cross section provides ample stability, as well.
What We Like: We’ve tried this shaft in a number of driver clubheads and have yet to be disappointed. Faster swingers will love the boring trajectory this shaft creates.
Who It’s For: For stronger players.
Specs: Comes in 60, 62, 66 and 69g in a variety of bend and flex profiles.
pxshaft.com | $275
True Temper
DG Spinner
Key Features: Strictly for wedges, it has a specially engineered section just beneath the grip that boosts spin.
What We Like: It effectively increases ball spin—to the tune of up to 700+ rpm. As for feel, it doesn’t feel that much different than a standard Dynamic Gold shaft, which, in our opinion, is a good thing.
Who It’s For: Stronger players who want more spin and lower launch.
Specs: Available in 124 and 131g in wedge flex.
truetemper.com | $50


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