2011 Buyer's Guide Shafts

Is the shaft really the engine of the club?

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Bassara Wyvern
Key Features: Increases driving distance by maximizing clubhead speed and impact velocity through its 47-inch length and slightly lower overall weight.
What We Like: The elastic titanium fiber in its tip section reduces deformation during shaft loading to help golfers transfer power.
Who It’s For: Players of all abilities.
Specs: Available in 43L, 43R, 53R, 53S and 53TS in various flexes.
mitsubishirayongolf.com | $350
Diamana ‘ilima
Key Features: Has a similar bend profile to the original White Board Diamana and incorporates Multi-Dimensional Interlay technology, to deliver a stiffer mid- and tip section than its predecessor.
What We Like: Delivers stability through impact without sacrificing feel, along with flatter trajectory and low spin.
Who It’s For: Stronger players who want a more penetrating ballflight.
Specs: Available in 60, 70 and 80g in various flexes.
mitsubishirayongolf.com | $400

Key Features: Superior multiaxis consistency makes it an upgrade shaft for adjustable hosel drivers.
What We Like: It has a proprietary lay-up of composite fibers that reduces the spine effect, for consistent feel and performance, regardless of shaft orientation in the clubhead.
Who It’s For: Golfers who can afford to upgrade their adjustable driver.
Specs: Available in 61, 72 and 83g in various flexes.
miyazakigolfshafts.com | $300
C. Kua
Key Features: There are various models in this line, ranging from Superlite driver shafts to rugged hybrid shafts. Shafts are manufactured to extraordinary precision in Japan, with varying degrees of midsection, midtip and tip flex profiles to accommodate different clubs and different types of golf swings.
What We Like: The Superlite models are all under 60g, making them incredibly fast and easy to swing.
Who It’s For: All golfers.
Specs: Comes in a huge variety of driver, fairway wood and hybrid flex profiles.
miyazakigolfshafts.com | $249


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