2011 Buyer's Guide Shafts

Is the shaft really the engine of the club?

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Key Features: Increased cross-sectional stiffness, which equates to longer and straighter shots. In other words, the shaft’s S-Core tech resists ovaling and deformation, meaning it bends more consistently during the swing, resulting in a greater transfer of energy into the golf ball.
What We Like: Incredible stability from this uber-popular shaft.
Who It’s For: All golfers.
Specs: Comes in a huge variety of driver, fairway wood and hybrid models, in several weights and every flex profile.
aldila.com | $199
Key Features: Lightweight, it features a proprietary “Phantium” finish, plus what it calls the thinnest, lightest spread Tow Carbon interweave.
What We Like: Its higher balance point helps golfers accelerate faster and generate a faster swing speed while maintaining solid feel.
Who It’s For: The 004 is for those wanting mid- to mid-/high launch; 005 is stiffer in the butt and generates a midlaunch and spin; and the TS-65 is for better players wanting a lighter-weight product without losing the stability that’s felt in heavier shafts.
Specs: The 004 comes in weights of 47, 48 and 51g; 005 in 55, 58 and 59g; TS-65 in 65g.
fujikuragolf.com | $299

Motore F3
Key Features: Built using a proprietary method called Swing-Sync, which is said to provide exceptional feedback to the player, allowing for more control. Also, Fujikura’s H.I.T. technology, which is designed to help players store more energy on downswings.
What We Like: We sensed a lot of pop from this shaft, even when we tried to swing harder than usual, i.e., the ball didn’t balloon.
Who It’s For: Every type of player, especially those who want added distance off the tee.
Specs: Comes in 61
and 71g models in R, S, X flexes.
fujikuragolf.com | $199
Axis Blue
Key Features: Uses high-modulus carbon fiber, and has a low bend point and high-trajectory design to maximize launch angle and peak trajectory.
What We Like: The shaft’s unique bend profile delivers terrific energy transfer for more yardage.
Who It’s For: Anyone wanting a softer overall shaft flex that yields a unique feel and energy transfer to the ball at impact and maintains stability.
Specs: Available in 45, 48 and 50g.
grafalloy.com | $100


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