2010 Buyer's Guide Shafts

It’s remarkable how much a good-quality shaft can change your game.

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Graphite Design Tour AD Throttle
Key Feature: The Tour AD Throttle is designed with a stiff tip and high bend point to create a penetrating ballflight for even the fastest swingers. This is made for extremely hard swingers, long-drive competitors and anyone who aspires to be one. If you want a 46-inch driver shaft to create maximum speed and maximum distance, this is the shaft for you.

Material: High-modulus graphite
Weight: 65-71g
Torque: Mid
Flex Point: High
Flexes: R, S, X, XX
Graphite Design Tour AD YSQ
Key Feature: A more stable and stiffer tip to launch the ball lower and create maximum distance for players with 90 mph or higher swing speeds. ACI (Axial Composite Interlace) Technology functions to further stabilize the club by eliminating shaft deformation. The YSQ was launched in 2009 in a 75-gram part. Ten grams heavier than the previous YSQ models, this version is for the stronger player, and is 10 percent lower in torque and has a higher bend point for lower launch angles.

Material: High-modulus graphite, Axial Composite Interlace
Weight: 45-85g
Torque: 2.7-6.8
Flex Point: Low-Mid
Flexes: UL, L, RR, R, S, X

KBS Tour
Key Feature: Designed for better players, the KBS Tour shaft was engineered with “Moment of Inertia analysis” to increase stability and enhance the results of well-executed swings. By reducing the mass and radius of each step in equal proportions along the shaft’s center line, the KBS Tour shaft delivers optimum stability, resulting in efficient energy transfer from the player’s hands to the clubhead. In addition, the KBS Tour shaft incorporated step-by-step Moment-of-Inertia analysis to reduce shaft “interference” during a player’s well-executed swing.

Material: Steel
Weight: 95, 100, 110, 120, 130, 133g
Flex Point:
Flexes: R, S, X
Mitsubishi Diamana ‘ilima
Key Feature: Built for the player who desires an active bend profile that delivers high launch and less spin for a more penetrating ballflight. Features an active, low-torque tip section, with a stiff mid section and moderate butt section. The result is a shaft that dynamically promotes energy transfer throughout the swing while delivering a penetrating ballflight with low spin.

Material: Graphite
Weight: 58, 61, 64, 69, 72, 79, 81g
Torque: 2.8-3.6
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: R, S, X


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