2010 Buyer's Guide Shafts

It’s remarkable how much a good-quality shaft can change your game.

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Aldila VooDoo NV
Key Feature: The Aldila VooDoo increases the shaft’s cross-sectional stiffness, which equates to longer shots. Also, during the golf swing, the degree of cross-sectional deformation (or, as it’s commonly known, “ovaling”) is reduced. Add it all up, and more energy is stored in pure bending and released into the ball at impact.

Material: Graphite
Weight: 73-83g
Torque: 2.8-4.0
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: R, S, X
Aldila VooDoo S-core
Key Feature: S-core Technology functions to stabilize the shaft through the use of an innovative internal rib design. The result is less cross-sectional deformation (aka ovaling) during the swing and a more efficient transfer of energy to the ball.

Material: Nanocarbon
Weight: 65g-76g
Torque: 2.8-4.2
Flex Point: Mid to high
Flexes: X, S, R

Fujikura Fit-On Max
Key Feature: Designed with Fujikura’s proprietary Swing-Sync Design Technology. This design platform gives each shaft optimal flexural rigidity. Swing-Sync provides exceptional feedback to the player in order to immediately obtain the best control.

Material: Graphite
Weight: 58, 59, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 70, 77, 78, 79g
Torque: 3.1-4.5
Flex Point: L/M, M/H, H
Flexes: R, R2, S, X
Fujikura Motore F3
Key Feature: Built using a proprietary method called Swing-Sync, which is said to provide exceptional feedback to the player, allowing for more control. Also Fujikura’s H.I.T. technology, which is designed to help players store more energy on their downswings.

Material: Graphite
Weight: 61, 71g
Torque: 2.8-3.1
Flex Point: M
Flexes: R, S, X


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