2010 Buyer's Guide Shafts

It’s remarkable how much a good-quality shaft can change your game.

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Want to know the fastest way to improve your game? Replace all those stock shafts with a top-of-the-line graphite or steel offering.

We’ve written about it here a million times. A golf shaft is considered the golf club’s engine. And we assume that you would not put a Yugo’s engine in your Porsche. So why do so many golfers continue to play with a (lower-quality) stock shaft?

Let’s put it this way, if you’re playing with one that doesn’t match your swing’s DNA, you could potentially lose valuable distance, accuracy and shot shape. Another reason for upgrading your shaft is that, while stock shafts are labeled as a specific flex, independent tests confirm that a shaft’s stiffness isn’t always what it says it is. If you want to be a complete player, it’s vital you find the right match.

To choose the right shaft, first determine what you need. Do you want to hit the ball farther or improve your shot shape, or both? Once you have an answer, consider the shaft’s specifications. Determine the right weight and length for your swing type and clubhead, and then decide how you want the shaft to perform. To ensure a good fit, we recommend consulting a professional clubfitter.

Accra DyMatch
Key Feature: Short for Dynamically Matched, Accra’s DyMatch shafts use the latest in cannon, robot and human testing to create three distinct series of shafts that match from driver through hybrid. That means your driver, fairway woods and hybrid(s) will have the same torque, tip deflection and flex.

Material: Graphite
Weight: Series 1: 45-75g; Series 2: 65-85g; Series 3: 75-98g
Torque: Series 1: 3.5-5.6; Series 2: 3.0; Series 3: 2.1, 2.5
Flex Point: Series 1: High; Series 2: Mid-High; Series 3: Mid
Flexes: Series 1: L, A, R, S, X; Series 2: A, R, S, X; Series 3: S, X
Aldila En Fuego series
Key Feature: The En Fuego™ series features three innovative shaft designs, each with a higher center of gravity that increases the performance of today’s modern clubhead designs. Each shaft in the series promotes a different ballflight, Serrano—a low- to midlaunch shaft, Wasabi—a midlaunch shaft and Habanero—a mid- to high-launch shaft. The dampening advantages of the Micro Laminate Technology have eliminated distracting and destructive “shock” for superior feel and playability.

Material: Graphite
Weight: 60-63g
Torque: 4.0-5.3
Flex Point: Low to high
Flexes: R, S, X


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