2009 Shafts Buyer's Guide

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Aldila VS Proto
Key Feature: Micro Laminate Technology makes a jump to the future with the addition of carbon nanotubes. Aldila’s proprietary A65 Performance Resin System also adds to the overall performance of the Tour-favored VS Proto.
What We Like: The extreme strength of carbon nanotubes in combination with Aldila’s other impressive technologies make the VS Proto extremely resilient and consistent. The result is longer, straighter drives for those who can handle it. Lots of Tour validation.
Who It’s For: Stronger, more accomplished players who generate plenty of clubhead speed.
Material: Nano carbon
Weight: 63g, 71g, 81g
Torque: 2.2-3.2
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, R
Fujikura E260
Key Feature: Available in 66g, 67g and 68g weights, the E260 is designed to provide midlaunch and midspin characteristics. Extremely high-quality materials and processes combine to produce outstanding consistency and tight dispersion. Like all Fujikura shafts, the E260 provides an excellent feel through impact.
What We Like: The fact that Tour pros and recreational golfers can all benefit equally is impressive.
Who It’s For: Players desiring midlaunch and midspin characteristics for maximum control and distance. The full spectrum of golfers.
Material: Graphite
Weight: 66g, 67g, 68g
Torque: 3.9
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: S, R, R2

Fujikura Motore
Key Feature: The newest model from one of golf’s most innovative shaft manufacturers is built using a proprietary method called Swing Sync, which is said to provide exceptional feedback to the player, allowing for significantly more control.
What We Like: Fujikura’s H.I.T. technology, which is designed to help players store more energy on the downswing. If you’re not a Tour player, there’s little doubt you could use some help in this all-important area.
Who It’s For: Any Fuji disciple and anyone else who wants premium performance and is willing to pay the price.
Material: Premium graphite
Weight: 55g, 65g, 75g
Torque: 3.0-4.0
Flex Point: Mid-High
Flexes: X, S, R, R2
Fujikura Rombax W
Key Feature: Fujikura’s proprietary Triax material and a new computer-woven, braided box-weave composite fortified with Kevlar Triax throughout the body of the shaft. Medium flex point and low torque aid in providing stability without too much overall stiffness.
What We Like: The use of the highest-quality materials possible in a variety of weights, torques and stiffnesses. The fact that just about any type of golfer can use one.
Who It’s For: Designed for players with standard ballflight and launch angle who like to swing aggressively without losing control.
Material: Triax graphite
Weight: 58g, 60g, 62g, 65g, 68g, 70g, 78g, 80g, 81g
Torque: 2.5-3.2
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, R


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