2008 Shaft Buyer's Guide

The engine of every club is the shaft, and now is the time to get your engine running at top speed. Today?s shafts are, without question, better than ever.

Graphite Design Tour AD Throttle
Key Feature: The Tour AD Throttle is designed with a stiff tip and high bend point to create a penetrating ballflight for event the fastest swingers. This shaft is made for the “long-drive enthusiast” who likes to swing extremely hard and go for maximum distance every time.
What We Like: The designers at GD going for it by coming up with the official golf shaft of the Long Drivers of America. If you’ve never seen these guys swing the club, it’s worth a look!
Who It’s For: Extremely hard swingers, long-drive competitors and anyone who aspires to be one. If you want a 46-inch driver shaft to create maximum clubhead speed, the Tour AD Throttle might just be for you. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
Material: High-modulus graphite
Weight: 65g-71g
Torque: Mid
Flex Point: High
Flexes: XX, X, S, R
Graphite Design Tour AD YSQ
Key Feature: Made with Graphite Design’s proprietary, visible ACI (Axial Composite Interlace) Technology, which helps provide a firmer bend profile. A midlaunch design helps avid players increase control off the tee while also providing plenty of power through the hitting zone.
What We Like: The visible technology of GD’s Axial Composite Interlace. It’s often tough for players to really know what they’re getting from a high-end golf shaft, but with the Tour AD YSQ, it apparent it’s something different.
Who It’s For: Players looking for a midflex, midtorque composite shaft that’s made from premium-quality materials. Those who like to see the technology in their equipment.
Material: High-modulus graphite, Axial Composite Interlace
Weight: 55g-67g • Torque: 3.7-4.7
Flex Point: Medium
Flexes: X, S, R

Mitsubishi Bassara
Key Feature: A softer bend profile and more moderate torque ratings than the Tour-intended Diamana Series, as well as three different weights to fit a wide range of players and swingspeeds.
What We Like: Higher trajectory, higher ballspeed and more distance are the goals that the softer overall bend profile and more torque accomplish. Mitsubishi Rayon quality materials and construction are also a plus.
Who It’s For: Recreational to better players with moderate swing speeds who want the feel and performance of a Tour-quality shaft but don’t want the extreme stiffness or extremely low torque that normally accompanies such products. Anyone who wants an easy-to-swing shaft.
Material: High-modulus graphite
Weight: 63g, 73g, 83g
Torque: 3.6-3.9
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, R (L 63g only)
Mitsubishi Diamana White Board
Key Feature: A Tour-quality shaft that provides extreme stability through impact and low-spin characteristics. High-quality materials and Mitsubishi’s top processes and Tour-proven success; plus Tiger likes it.
What We Like: The entire Diamana Series and Mitsubishi’s ability to provide Tour-caliber products that fit a wide range of golfers. The White Board is the third flex profile in the series and is made to allow players to load the shaft while maximizing tip stability and eliminating the harsh feel. The Blue Board and Red Board are also outstanding.
Who It’s For: Players who want the performance of a stiff-tip shaft without sacrificing feel. Any golfer who plays with a high-MOI driver.
Material: High-modulus graphite
Weight: 63g, 73g, 83g
Torque: 2.8-3.1
Flex Point: High
Flexes: X, S, R


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