2008 Shaft Buyer's Guide

The engine of every club is the shaft, and now is the time to get your engine running at top speed. Today?s shafts are, without question, better than ever.

Grafalloy Epic
Key Feature: Constructed from a proprietary Nanofuse material made by harnessing the strength of nano-crystalline metals and fusing them together at the molecular level with a composite polymer substrate. Sounds complex because it is, but this is definitely a unique shaft.
What We Like: The tremendous strength of the Nanofuse material improves the ability of the shaft to resist deformation during the swing for greater overall accuracy. The unusual material that coats the shaft looks really cool.
Who It’s For: Players who want a lightweight shaft that’s made with possibly the most advanced material in the industry. Anyone who wants a shaft with a great paint job would like the Epic as well.
Material: Nanofuse
Weight: 69g-73g
Torque: 3.5
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, R
Grafalloy ProLaunch Platinum
Key Feature: Smart-Ply Technology, which was originally introduced in the Grafalloy Axis shaft, incorporates unidirectional, high-modulus carbon-fiber material oriented along six separate axes of the shaft to optimize shaft integrity during the downswing. The shaft’s resistance to deformation dramatically improves energy transfer and power.
What We Like: The development and utilization of a new technology to improve performance. It’s also great that the ProLaunch name is carried forward with a tremendous new product.
Who It’s For: The full spectrum of players looking for a shaft that helps produce and transfer more power through impact.
Material: High-modulus graphite with Smart-Ply • Weight: 49g-75g
Torque: Low
Flex Point: Medium
Flexes: X, S, R, A

Grafalloy ProLaunch RED
Key Feature:The original ProLaunch Blue was a great shaft that provided a trajectory that was a bit too high for some. The Red is made to solve the problem by providing a Tour-like, boring trajectory through the use of Grafalloy’s proprietary Micro-Mesh tip technology.
What We Like: Solving the problem of providing a lower trajectory with an advanced technology like Micro-Mesh. The tight shot dispersion and enhanced feel are nice bonuses as well.
Who It’s For:Anyone who liked the feel and general performance of the Blue but wants a more penetrating trajectory. Players who want a low-torque design that will help reduce shot dispersion and significantly increase accuracy.
Material: High-modulus graphite
Weight: 62g-66g • Torque: 3.0
Flex Point: High
Flexes: X, S, R
Graphite Design Tour AD Quattro Tech MD
Key Feature: Made with Graphite Design’s proprietary ACI (Axial Composite Interlace) Technology, this is a variation of the successful Quattro Tech shaft. A 4-axis material in the tip of the shaft helps generate a Tour-like ballflight with enhanced spin and control.
What We Like: Graphite Design’s use of multiple technologies in the production of the Tour AD Quattro Tech MD. The 4-axis material they use stabilizes the clubhead throughout the swing, making it easier to return it to square in the hitting area.
Who It’s For:Those who want an extremely high-end, mid-flex point shaft that’s designed to help
minimize shot dispersion without providing a harsh feel.
Material: High-modulus graphite, Axial Composite Interlace
Weight: 65g-73g • Torque: 3.3
Flex Point: Mid
Flexes: X, S, TX, SR


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