Have a look at some of 2014's best

PUTTERS Cutting-Edge
Key Features: A CG in the center of the putterface (as opposed to near the hosel) for a higher MOI, zero torque and straighter, better-rolling putts.
Wow Factor: Obviously, the hosel stands out and so do the weird looks. But one try and you'll quickly see that the Axis1 putters are quite fascinating. For some reason, they're incredibly easy to align and square up at impact. What's weird about that? Nothing! We couldn't put it down, it's that awesome.
Specs: Comes in 34- and 35-inch models, as well as belly. | $299
Kuchar Series
Key Features: This two-putter series is oriented around PGA Tour pro Matt Kuchar's arm-lock putting grip style, in which the butt end of the putter rests against your left forearm. Both putterheads are milled from soft carbon steel, sport Feel Impact Technology for soft impact, and are heel/toe-weighted and face-balanced.
Wow Factor: Both the Anser-style Model 1 and mallet Model 2 are gorgeous. Buy into the arm-lock style and it may well help your putting game.
Specs: Offered in a 35-inch length with a 350-gram head and a 42-inch length with a 400-gram putterhead. | $375
Cleveland Golf
Smart Square
Key Features: This high-MOI head sports two squares extending back from the face center that frame the ball at address for fast, reliable alignment. Its face insert enhances impact feel and sound, and promotes consistent roll.
Wow Factor: We're blown away by how easy this helps you find your target line. Square lines seem like such a simple thing, but it works fantastic, particularly from putts within a few feet.
Specs: Heel- and center-shafted versions available in a 35-inch length. There's also a 39-inch Almost Belly, with a 40-gram heavier putterhead and heavier grip. | $180/Almost Belly, $140/standard
Versa Jailbird
Key Features: A high-MOI mallet with black-white contrast that accentuates the face angle for solid alignment. It sports a White Hot face insert that's engineered for consistent sound, feel and performance across the entire face.
Wow Factor: Boy, those stripes are thick, but they do the job, and they do it well. Alignment is a snap. And when all is said and done, the lines don't distract at all.
Specs: Available in lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches, with a 355-gram head. | $200/SuperStroke 3.0 grip, $170/standard

Dead Aim
3D Mallet
Key Features: An optically engineered, raised, three-hole topline that makes it a cinch to know when your eyes are aligned over the golf ball.
Wow Factor: It comes with a detachable laser for precision practice. How cool is that? There's also a face attachment to help you hone in on the sweet spot, which feels huge, by the way. This putter is a breeze to swing and drain putts with.
Specs: Two models available in black or silver/white finishes. Laser and face clip are optional (but you'll want them, for sure). | $150-$220
Pitch Black
Key Features: Black grip, shaft and clubhead create a cool look, and the neon yellow-green face insert lends a supersoft feel that actually increases friction for a faster end-over-end roll.
Wow Factor: These putters look dark and aggressive, but the soft insert actually makes them quite cuddly to putt with, meaning the softness makes you hit the putt a little harder, which is good for killing yippy, tentative putting strokes.
Specs: Available in four models—two blades, a mallet and an in-betweener. | $150
Key Features: Shaped like a driver and painted with an Arctic white finish, these putters boast a hollow core design that transfers energy from the clubhead to the ball to help optimize roll.
Wow Factor: They look different, but they're a blast to use. Where else can you putt using a club that looks like a wood? Nowhere without one of these!
Specs: Four models available (3-wood, hybrid, hybrid-blade and blade) in various shaft lengths. | $140
Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance
Key Features: Advanced perimeter stability weighting in the deep-CG mallet's head, plus a 50-gram counterweight in the shaft butt, means stability through your stroke. The standard shaft and grip are longer than convention—38 and 15 inches, respectively—so golfers can grip up or down.
Wow Factor: A cool look to it, and the counterbalancing can stabilize your stroke by adding weight above your hands.
Specs: Available in one-inch lengths from 36 to 40 inches. The 3.5° loft and 70° lie angle can be customized by +/-1° and +/-2°, respectively. | $425


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