Have a look at some of 2014's best

WEDGES Total Versatility
Callaway Golf
Mack Daddy 2
Key Features: A versatile Tour-proven design that generates lots of spin. Aggressive, large grooves plus increased surface roughness help enhance spin.
Wow Factor: Outstanding, clean-looking wedges that can be tailored to your swing. They feel buttery at impact, as well. Definitely consider them.
Specs: Available in various lofts between 47° and 64° with several bounce options, in two grinds and two finishes, with choice of shaft length and model, lie angle, grip model and wrap. | $150
Cleveland Golf
588 RTX CB
Key Features: Generates tight backspin due to the large U-shaped face grooves that are especially effective from rough, sand and wet grass. Surface roughness is laser-milled into the clubface in a pattern that also induces spin. The sole is wider near the heel, narrower near the toe, to improve bunker performance without sacrificing versatility. An undercut cavity promotes perimeter weighting for more forgiveness on off-center hits.
Wow Factor: If there are any other wedges as easy to hit as these, please identify yourself.
Specs: Eight lofts from 46° to 60° in a Satin Chrome or Black Pearl finish, with a True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft (LH available). | $120
Edel Golf
Signature Series
Key Features: Each wedge in the series can be customized with a golfer's preferred lofts, grinds, paint-fill colors and stampings. For added measure, even the shaft band sticker can be personalized.
Wow Factor: This company makes a great wedge, and these models look absolutely terrific. If Edel is a new brand to you, consider this a heads up. The company is on the way up. Way, way up.
Specs: You can get each wedge customized to any specs you want. | $179
Fourteen Golf
Key Features: The wide sole and semi-offset neck of this forged nickel-chrome molybdenum bronze clubhead help ease setting up at address. Its reverse-taper blade and wide sole mean fewer mis-hits. An indentation structure evenly distributes clubhead weight. Trapezoidal grooves translate to high spin.
Wow Factor: We found it to create nice spin performance and consistency around the green.
Specs: Available in lofts of 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60, with a True Temper Dynamic Gold or Nippon N.S.Pro 950GH HT steel shaft. | $250
Hopkins Golf
Key Features: Made of soft carbon steel, these are raw so they'll rust for even softer feel over time. Grooves plus a face-milled pattern maximize surface roughness for more spin. Six sole grinds are offered. Oh, and if it matters, Champions Tour players are eating them up.
Wow Factor: These can be personalized in many ways, including custom shafts, grips and paint-fill colors. They feel soft and perform with precision—what's not to like? Nothing!
Specs: Available in loft/bounce options of 50°-8°, 52°-8°, 54°-12°, 56°-14°, 58°-12°, 60°-12° and wide-sole 60°-8° with a Hopkins Golf OTM steel shaft. | $99

Key Features: There are two new lofts (52° and 60°) in addition to the original 56°. A distinctive fluted sole helps interaction with turf at impact, allowing it to be more versatile in more situations.
Wow Factor: It looks plain great, and it's very playable however you use it. Open the clubface of the 60° model and it slices effortlessly through sand. The extra two lofts collectively make this a great wedge set to own if you can afford it.
Specs: Available in loft/bounce options of 52°-7°, 56°-12° and 60°-13°. | $275
JPX Series
Key Features: A large face, wide sole and subtle relief in the heel and toe make this wedge versatile. The groove shape—deep and narrow in lower lofts, wide and shallow in higher lofts—and a milled face translate to optimal spin control.
Wow Factor: The feel is outstanding, the shaping is even better. Smooth lines, great look at address.
Specs: Available in loft/bounce options, in both right- and left-handed models, of 50°-6°, 52°-8°, 54°-10°, 56°-10°, 56°-14°, 58°-10°, 58°-14°, 60°-5° and 60°-9°, with an XP 105 steel or a Fujikura Orochi graphite shaft. | $125/graphite shaft, $100/steel
Titleist by Vokey
Key Features: These are custom wedges by renowned wedge maker Bob Vokey or one of his craftsmen, who will even laser-etch your name directly into the shaft.
Wow Factor: Getting a wedge customized to your swing is awesome. Getting a customized Vokey is on a whole other level of cool.
Specs: Available in several 58° or 60° models, with grinds and customization options previously reserved for Tour pros only. | $Varied


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