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TaylorMade Rossa TP

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Milled To Perfection
One of the most beautiful pieces of golf equipment is the putter. In fact, a finely crafted milled putter is often considered a work of art among golf club aficionados.

Why, you ask? Well, milled (meaning it’s literally cut out of a chunk of metal) putters are generally praised for their uniformity, straightness and balance—three reasons why milled putters also tend to be on the higher side when it comes to price. But then again, if you take putting seriously and you want a beautiful putter made with impeccable attention to detail, a milled one might be right up your alley. Here’s a look at five top-contending milled flatsticks available for you to buy right now.

Scotty Cameron Kombi
TaylorMade Rossa TP
CNC-milled out of 1020 carbon steel to precise measurements, the Rossa TP putters by Kia Ma have become popular for their resilient feel and sound. The muted black finish is highlighted with strategically located tungsten weights for even greater balance. Six models are available.

Scotty Cameron Kombi
We’re not sure how to pronounce it either, but the Kombi is the latest nontraditional mallet milled from renowned puttermaker Scotty Cameron. It’s actually made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making its chassis lighter and more receptive to the three tungsten weights located to the sides and in the back of the clubhead. Finish off with high-contrast red graphics and sightlines, and the Kombi is a sophisticated putter that’s technologically advanced, too.

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