Putters Buyer's Guide 2007

In 2007, it's easier than ever to find a putter that's designed exactly for you

TaylorMade Classic Rossa
(800) 888-CLUB | $119

Classic Rossa Five well-known shapes, including the Daytona 1, Siena 4, Modena 8, Imola 8 (all blades) and Monte Carlo 7 (mallet), make up this impressive roster.
Features: An improved version of the Rossa’s Anti-skid Groove System Insert (AGSI), called AGSI+. Two grooves have been added, raising the total from 12 to 14. Now with grooves closer together, more grooves come into contact with the ball more often, resulting in less backspin and more forward spin at impact.
Advantages: The additional grooves promote a smoother roll and help the player keep the ball online.
What We Like: The Rossa’s lineup doesn’t just improve the way you roll the ball, but their classy looks make them a joy to play with.
Lineup: Classic, High MOI, High MOI with MWT, Monza Corza, Mezza Monza, CGB Series
Putterhead: 304 Stainless Steel
Putterface: Titallium (milled)
Weight: Std.
Designs: Daytona 1, Siena 4, Modena 8, Imola 8—Heel-shafted, heel-toe blade; Monte Carlo 7—Center-shafted, face-balanced mallet
TaylorMade High MOI with MWT
(800) 888-CLUB | $149

TaylorMadeWhen TaylorMade first introduced its line of Rossa putters, we gushed. They were striking not only for their looks, but for their soft faces, classy color schemes, top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional weighting technology. Well, they just got better.
Features: A wire-frame head shaped like a reverse trapezoid (on the Tourismo, shown) allows more weight to be distributed low and deep (37 millimeters from the putterface).
Advantages: Reverse trapezoid shape = high MOI.
What We Like: Each new lineup of Rossa putters incorporates an improved version of Rossa’s famous Anti-skid Groove System Insert.
Lineup: Classic, High MOI, High MOI with MWT, Monza Corza, Mezza Monza, CGB Series
Putterhead: 304 Stainless Steel
Putterface: Titallium (milled)
Weight: Adj.
Designs: Tourismo—Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet; Corzina—Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet
Titleist Scotty Cameron Detour
(800) 225-8500 | $300

Scotty Cameron Detour Time was, Scotty Cameron putters were associated with traditional designs and milled carbon-steel construction. Recently, Cameron has thought “outside the blade.”
Features: A unique body style and sight line built from Aircraft Aluminum and 303 Stainless Steel. Available in double-bend or straight-shaft models.
Advantages: The piece of aluminum fitted into the Detour’s middle section provides a soft impact point, while the heavy stainless-steel weighting bar and rear backweight increase MOI.
What We Like: Cameron continues to come up with unique designs that incorporate materials not commonly combined on putters.
Lineup: Detour, Studio Style, Circa ’62, Futura Phantom, Red X, Studio Design, American Classics
Putterhead: 303 Stainless Steel, T-6 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
Putterface: 303 Stainless Steel
Weight: Std.
Designs: Detour—single bend shaft, full shaft of offset (available LH); Detour 2—Straight shaft, straight shaft; both models are mallets
Tour Edge BackDraft
(800) 515-3343 | $39

Backdraft By now, you probably know that moment of inertia (MOI) is all the rage in 2007, and for Tour Edge’s BackDraft series, it’s no different. Its high MOI reduces twisting, so your putts remain straight and roll to your liking.
Features: An aluminum vibration bar directly behind the sweet spot minimizes impact vibration. A heavier feel and high MOI reduce twisting.
Advantages: The putter’s triple shaft bend provides a clear view of the ball, while the BackDraft is face-balanced for greater stability.
What We Like: It’s available in nine styles, so there’s sure to be one for everyone. Also, the absorption bar is roughly the width of a ball and makes for a perfect alignment aid. Not to mention they’re really affordable.
Lineup: V25, Hovercraft, Automatic, BackDraft
Putterhead: Aluminum
Putterface: Same
Weight: Std.
Designs: B1, B2, B4 (available LH), B5, B6, B7, B10—Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet; B8, B9—Heel-shafted, heel-toe-balanced blade
Whitlam Design Hummer II
(760) 591-9869 | $325

Whitlam Design Hummer II No, the Hummer II isn’t a smaller version of the gas-guzzling tank made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s David Whitlam’s new mallet putter, and we promise it gets better mileage than its counterpart.
Features: An all-aluminum body anodized to give the club a deep black finish. It also has a weight chip on top to elevate the putter’s center of gravity, and heel and toe weights reduce twisting on off-center hits.
Advantages: With excellent weighting and an alignment aid that makes lining up putts a breeze, the Hummer II is easily adaptable to different green speeds.
What We Like: Its fine construction, excellent weighting and easy alignment lines.
Lineup: Hummer II, J-Spec Series, GAA Series, Type M
Putterhead: Aluminum
Putterface: Same
Weight: Std.
Designs: Face-balanced, heel-shafted mallet
Wilson 88 Series
(773) 714-6400 | $89

Wilson 88 Series Five different models from Wilson’s 88 Series are being released this year. Some are traditional, others a bit more modern in the design. In short, there’s something for everyone at a very reasonable price.
Features: The 8861 and 8862 feature anodized aluminum face inserts while the 8871 (shown), 8872 and 8875 feature urethane face inserts.
Advantages: The 61 and 62’s milled face pattern improves contact and promotes truer roll. The 71, 72 and 75 feature a micro groove face that produces forward roll, less skid and proper ball alignment.
What We Like: The variety of old and new shapes melded with today’s technology.
Lineup: 88 Series
Putterhead: Stainless Steel
Putterface: Urethane; Anodized Aluminum
Weight: Std.
Designs: 8861—Heel-shafted blade; 8862—Heel-shafted blade; 8871—Heel-shafted mallet; 8872—Heel-shafted mallet; 8875—Heel-shafted mallet (all models available LH except 8862)
Yes! C-Groove Series
(800) 845-4327 | $190

Yes! C Groove Put in play by a handful of Tour pros, the Yes! C-Groove Series putters continue to grow in popularity. New to the line is the center-shafted Carolyne putter (pictured).
Features: A unique face design with curved, rainbow-shaped score lines (grooves). These score lines are designed to slightly lift up the ball upon impact, freeing it from its indentation on the putting surface and helping to impart the desired end-over-end vertical spin.
Advantages: A nicer roll and the option of several available styles, including mallet models in regular, belly or long shaft lengths.
What We Like: We’ve been fans of the C-Groove for years and, yes, curved score lines on putters—not irons—are USGA-conforming.
Lineup: C-Groove Series
Putterhead: Stainless Steel (cast)
Putterface: Stainless Steel (milled)
Weight: Std.
Designs: Multiple styles (available LH)


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