Putters Buyer's Guide 2007

In 2007, it's easier than ever to find a putter that's designed exactly for you

Tech Talk
Flatstick Facts
By Robert Arluna
Odyssey Golf

There has been a tremendous amount of work done in the area of MOI. Similar to drivers, our designers attempt to maximize the MOI in all of our putters. What this means for the golfer is a putter that stays on the intended stroke path more consistently and doesn’t twist if you strike the putterface toward the toe or heel. In general, the bigger and heavier a putterhead, the higher its MOI; the designer’s challenge is to strike the right balance between high MOI and pleasing aesthetics. At Odyssey, I think that’s an area in which we excel.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a putter. Three of the most important are length, offset and toe-drop angle. Your height combined with your putting stance will determine how long a putter you need. If you forward press when you putt, a putter with more offset will help return the putter to its proper, designed loft at impact. And if you have a straight-back-and-through putting stroke, a face-balanced putter will help you more than one with toe-drop. But most important is head shape—it must instill confidence. Only you know what you like to feel when putting. That’s why the Odyssey line is so diverse—because no matter what your length or offset requirements, we want to make sure that there’s a putter in our line that provides you with the ultimate in feel and confidence.

Odyssey Black Series
(800) 588-9836 | $285

Odyssey Black Series The first non-insert putter from Odyssey comes in three models, each one with a milled face.
Features: A tungsten flange reduces the CG by 19 percent. Also, its urethane-dampening layer sandwiched between the tungsten and stainless steel cuts down on vibration.
Advantages: Rock-solid feel and great weight distribution, plus a traditional look that will remind golfers of the classic 1980s flatsticks. That old/new combo is sure to be a hit.
What We Like: The nickel-plated finish gives it an extra touch of class. Perfect weight distribution makes it a pleasure to swing.
Lineup: White Hot XG, Black Series, White Steel, Dual Force 2
Putterhead: Stainless Steel
Putterface: Same
Weight: Std.
Designs: 1—Heel-shafted, heel-toe-balanced blade (available LH); 2—Heel-shafted, heel-toe-weighted blade; Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet
PING Redwood
(800) 4-PING-FIT | $250

PING Redwood Named after PING founder Karsten Solheim’s hometown (Redwood City, Calif.), the Redwood Series marks the company’s return to basic designs: the Anser (shown), Zing and Piper S.
Features: Three classic shapes finished in black nickel chrome coating. Full customizability.
Advantages: The company that revolutionized the casting process now offers entirely milled putters for the first time ever. Its clean flowing lines and classic shape are sure to create confidence in all.
What We Like: We all grew up with the Anser
in our bag, and the three versions bring back
great memories.
Lineup: JAS Series, Udrainium Series, G5i Series, G2i Series, G2 Series, Redwood Series
Putterhead: CNC Milled 303 Stainless Steel Putterface: Same • Weight: Std. • Designs: Anser—heel-shafted blade, heel-toe balanced, plumber’s neck; Zing—heel-shafted blade, heel-toe-balanced; Piper—heel-shafted mallet (available LH)
(800) 4-PING-FIT | $269

PING JAS Craz-E One The JAS Craz-E One is PING’s highest MOI, and most forgiving offering ever.
Features: Its proprietary C805 aluminum is both durable and offers a pleasing sound and feel. Its deep black anodized coating ensures durability and an eye-catching appearance. Tungsten weights totaling 96 grams occupy positions in all four corners of the body to maximize forgiveness, as well as position the CG.
Advantages: Easy alignment aid and high MOI will have customers going crazy for the Craz-E. Also, its sound is pure PING.
What We Like: The Optigraphic Effect created by the body design and cavity insert. It makes lining up putts simple.
Lineup: JAS Series, Udrainium Series, G5i Series, G2i Series, G2 Series, Redwood Series
Putterhead: C805 Aluminum
Putterface: Same
Weight: Std.
Designs: Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet (available LH)
Rife Island Series
(800) 496-9373 | $179

Rife Barbados The company formerly known as Guerin Rife has three new putters in its Island Series. All three utilize Rife’s RollGroove Technology™ and Lie-Aline Fitting System found on Rife’s popular Two-Bar, Aussie and Mr. Beasley putters. Shown is the Barbados model.
Features: This oversized mallet putter is wrapped around a three-line center cavity section that creates a strong alignment aid. With mass moved to the outer edges of the putter, the Barbados is extremely stable.
Advantages: The milled Roll Groove face lifts the ball from its depression on the green and immediately imparts a forward roll, resulting in straight putts.
What We Like: Rife’s Lie-Aline Fitting System. It allows the user to actually bend the shaft so the putter lies exactly how you want it.
Lineup: Two-Bar Series, Aussie, Tour Blade, Island Series
Putterhead: CNC Milled 304 Stainless Steel
Putterface: Same
Weight: Std.
Designs: Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet (available LH)


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