Putters Buyer's Guide 2007

In 2007, it's easier than ever to find a putter that's designed exactly for you

Mizuno Bettinardi C Series
(800) 966-1211 | $229

Mizuno Bettinardi C Series Design guru Bob Bettinardi mills both the putter’s head and hosel from one block of low-carbon steel, and it shows in the C series’ subtle craftsmanship.
Features: Bettinardi’s patented Honeycomb face encourages consistent ball-striking. Each model comes with four degrees of loft and a 71-degree lie angle. A sublime-plated satin pearl finish makes the C Series that much more impressive.
Advantages: The traditional head shape places the emphasis on putting, not on unorthodox looks—a distinct advantage for purists.
What We Like: It’s hard to beat Bettinardi’s handiwork. It’s so well made, we can’t decide if we want to play with it or frame it.
Lineup: Bettinardi A Series, Bettinardi B Series, Bettinardi C Series
Putterhead: 11L17 Carbon Steel (milled)
Putterface: Same
Weight: Std.
Designs: C-01, C-02, C-03, C-04—Heel-shafted, heel-toe-weighted blade (C-03 available LH)
Never Compromise Milled Series
(800) 999-6263 | $255

Never Compromise Milled These premium putters are 100% milled from a single piece of high-grade Japanese carbon steel, which is among the softest and most consistent in the world. That alone is worth the purchase.
Features: A tungsten sole weight for not only an increased MOI, but a precisely centered sweet spot directly in front of the sight line. Each of the six heel-toe models has a different neck structure and design for varying putter preferences (#3 pictured).
Advantages: The Milled Series offers proven, high-MOI performance, plus the feel of a pure carbon-steel putter—a highly sought-after combination.
What We Like: A lot of options and a lot of feel make for a classic flatstick.
Lineup: Gray Matter 2 Series, Milled Series, Speed Control Series, GM2 Exchange
Putterhead: Carbon steel (milled)
Putterface: Same
Weight: Adj.
Designs: Milled Series 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7—Heel-shafted heel-toe blade; Milled Series 4—Heel-shafted half-mallet (available LH)
Never Compromise GM2 Exchange
(800) 999-6263 | $229

Never Compromise GM2 Exchange Never Compromise didn’t leave anything out when they thought up the new GM2 Exchange Series.
Features: The GM2 Exchange is made of strong, lightweight aluminum and gives golfers the option to alter the headweight by up to 50 grams, a significant advantage, especially when playing on a variety of green speeds.
Advantages: Being able to significantly manipulate the weight in the toe and heel helps players adapt to different green speeds.
What We Like: The clean lines, butter-soft aluminum-infused weave face insert and, of course, the adjustable weights.
Lineup: Gray Matter 2 Series, Milled Series, Speed Control Series, GM2 Exchange
Putterhead: Aluminum (milled)
Putterface: Same
Weight: Adj.
Designs: Exchange
1—Heel-shafted mallet; Ex. 2—Center-shafted mallet (available LH); Ex. 3—Center-shafted mallet/blade fusion; Ex. 4—Heel-shafted blade; Ex. 5—Heel-shafted blade (available LH)
Nickent PIPE Series
(888) NICKENT | $199

Nickent PIPE Nickent’s breakthrough cylindrical design is now offered on two new blade-style heads.
Features: The PIPE (PP/005 pictured) features a white cylindrical pipe that extends behind the face to facilitate a square setup by helping golfers better determine face alignment at address.
Advantages: A rear tungsten weight plug increases MOI, while the polymer face insert helps distribute weight toward the heel and toe. The polymer face also is designed to reduce backspin and excessive skidding.
What We Like: The two new blades elicit a better feel and are as easy to align as the originals.
Lineup: PIPE Series
Putterhead: Stainless Steel (cast)
Putterface: Polymer (milled)
Weight: Std.
Designs: PP/001—Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet; PP/002—Center-shafted, face-balanced mallet; PP/003—Heel-shafted mallet; PP/004, PP/005—Heel-shafted heel-toe blade (PP/001 available LH)

Nike Golf Unitized
(888) 799-NIKE | $249

Nike Golf Unitized Nike Golf’s new Unitized putters feature a shaft and milled head that are laser-welded together, resulting in resounding feel and performance.
Features: A distinctly clean visual look that’s brought about by the melding of the head and shaft. Its uniform black nickel plating of the head/shaft unit and WINN Advanced Integration Pistol Grips come on all models.
Advantages: Putting is all about feel, and the Unitized is the epitome of a great-feeling club.
What We Like: It’s the only putter whose head and shaft are designed and engineered as one piece, resulting in less vibration and better feel, all of which results in improved distance control.
Lineup: Black OZ Series, Unitized, Ignite
Putterhead: CNC Milled 303 Stainless Steel
Putterface: Same
Weight: Std.
Designs: Techno—Center-shafted, face-balanced mallet; Tiempo—Heel-shafted, heel-toe blade; Neo—Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet; Retro—Heel-shafted, heel-toe blade (all available LH)
Odyssey White Hot XG
(800) 588-9836 | $119

White Hot XG Last year, Phil Mickelson used the Odyssey White Hot XG Model #9 to capture his second Masters. ’Nuff said.
Features: Odyssey’s Multi-Layer Insert Technology was inspired by the latest in high-performance golf balls. Its Elastomer core material is designed for a soft feel, and its thin outer striking surface improves accuracy and feedback.
Advantages: The unique textured-weave face design promotes a faster end-over-end roll. Also, weight is shifted to the perimeter, resulting in a high MOI. Translation: greater forgiveness.
What We Like: The variety. Odyssey offers 16 different models to choose from, including blade, mallets and their ever-popular two-ball series.
Lineup: White Hot XG, Black Series, White Steel, Dual Force 2
Putterhead: Stainless Steel
Putterface: Elastomer
Weight: Std.
Designs: The Odyssey White Hot XG putters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, shaft placements and face balances (half are available in left-handed models)


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