Putters Buyer's Guide 2007

In 2007, it's easier than ever to find a putter that's designed exactly for you

Izzo Black Mamba
(800) 284-1220 | $199

Izzo Black Mamba Killing two birds with one stone, the Black Mamba putter from Izzo doubles as a training aid. Three pieces attached to its head cover easily affix to the putterhead. The head cover actually looks like a snake getting ready to attack. Plus, it conforms to USGA rules.
Features: The aluminum CNC-milled Black Mamba mallet features an offset shaft and, not surprisingly, is black in color.
Advantages: If your stroke is out of sync, you can get it back in line after using the training aid that comes attached to its head cover. If it’s working fine, then just let the snake roll.
What We Like: Outside of the bonus training aid, the name. The black mamba is considered to be the world’s deadliest snake. With a little practice, you could become the world’s deadliest putter.
Lineup: Black Mamba
Putterhead: Aluminum (CNC milled)
Putterface: Same
Weight: Std.
Designs: Center-shafted, face-balanced mallet (available LH)
Louisville Earthwood Series
(800) 456-1631 | $159

Louisville Earthwood Handmade with over 100 precise hand operations, each beautiful Earthwood putter incorporates three perfectly matched exotic species of wood in its design. When finished, the putters are as specific as a fingerprint.
Features: The EW-FM1 (shown) uses a persimmon center with blood and cherry woods to create an unparalleled feel. Comes with name engraving.
Advantages: Its soft persimmon putterface provides a soft feel most insert putters would die for.
What We Like: In a world filled with synthetic materials and high-tech gadgetry, it’s nice to know a golf company is “keeping it real.” Did you know that persimmon has a modulus of elasticity that’s not too soft or firm? That makes for perfect feel on the greens, a quality we love in Louisville’s lineup.
Lineup: Earthwoods, 2601, Tomahawk 3, True Center, Louie3, AAW Mallets
Putterhead: Three-wood variety
Putterface: Persimmon center
Weight: Std.
Designs: Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet
MacGregor Response
(800) 841-4358 | $199

MacGregor Response Manufacturers have long tried to increase their other clubs’ sweet spots, and MacGregor is applying that philosophy to putting.
Features: MacGregor’s Distance Corrective Technology (DCT) places energy in the putterface’s heel and toe so mis-hits don’t equal loss of distance and accuracy.
Advantages: Straightens (and lengthens) mis-hits, so hitting the sweet spot isn’t always necessary. The dual-insert system affords golfers a chance to adapt their putter for different green speeds.
What We Like: Most club companies have put the golfer in control of their drivers. MacGregor is doing the same for putters.
Lineup: Response, The Fat Lady Swings, GT Series, GT Mini, M-Series
Putterhead: 303 Stainless Steel
Putterface: Polymer and Milled metal
Weight: Adj.
Designs: Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet
MacGregor FLS
(800) 841-4358 | $179

MacGregor FLS One of the most popular names in putting in the mid-1990s returns with major technological upgrades and a greater potential to help you make more than your fair share of putts.
Features: Bobby Grace’s original Fat Lady Swings and its renegade shape paved the way for most modern mallets. Add to that classic profile some MacGregor ingenuity, including three-way weighting for a high polar MOI and user-adjustable heel-toe weighting, and you have one of the top flatsticks for 2007.
Advantages: Excellent feel, controlled stability and ease of alignment. The FLS flat out works!
What We Like: MacGregor and Grace made magic with the GT line, and this is even better.
Lineup: The Fat Lady Swings, GT Series, GT Mini, M-Series
Putterhead: Aluminum (milled)
Putterface: Beryllium Copper (milled)
Weight: Adj.
Designs: Heel-shafted mallet (available LH)
Macro Golf Square Stroke Mallet
(877) 270-9402 | $159

Macro Golf Square Stroke First it was Heavy Putter that shook things up by placing a lot of weight in the grip end of the shaft, now Macro Golf hopes to make golfers reconsider how big their grips should be. Hey, anything to drain more putts, right?
Features: The dominant feature on these putters is a 14-inch BlackVelvet forward onset MACRO® Grip that’s long, wide and flat. Despite asking you to alter your normal putting grip, we think players will gravitate to the unique design.
Advantages: The internal cavity weighting system keeps the putter square at impact. The flat grip promotes a square stroke.
What We Like: The MACRO grip, of course. It was specifically engineered to balance the putterhead.
Lineup: Square-Stroke Mallet, MACRO Blade
Putterhead: Stainless Steel
Putterface: Aluminum Weight: Std.
Designs: Center-shafted, face-balanced mallet (available LH); Center-shafted, face-balanced blade (available LH)
Mizuno Bettinardi A Series
(800) 966-1211 | $179

Mizuno Bettinardi Mallet Another modern classic from the mind of renowned putter creator Bob Bettinardi.
Features: Mizuno is one of the top forgers in irons, so it makes sense it teamed with one of the great putter millers in Bob Bettinardi to create two face-balanced mallets with high-MOI properties (as well as heel-toe models in the B Series).
Advantages: Purchase either the A-01 or A-02 (pictured) and you receive an artfully milled, high-performance putter with Bettinardi’s classic Honeycomb face for consistent contact. How much quality can you expect? Every putter receives 20 checks against exacting tolerances.
What We Like: The modern shape without all of the distractions—a clean, pure mallet.
Lineup: Bettinardi A Series, B Series, C series
Putterhead: Aluminum Steel (milled)
Putterface: Same
Weight: Std.
Designs: A-01, A-02—Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet;(A-02 available LH)


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