Putters Buyer's Guide 2006

GT Tech Award: Frontrunner
Never Compromise Gray Matter 2
Never Compromise is a name that most golfers associate with a dual-color, multi-material design that seemingly overnight began appearing regularly in the bags of Tour players around the world. This development didn’t occur overnight, however; it’s been the result of years of research and development with the ultimate goal being the production of putters that provide both a distinctive look and superior performance.  

Over the last few years Never Compromise has continued to produce high-quality putters that golfers have widely embraced due to their innovative designs and technological features. The most noteworthy series to date is the new Gray Matter 2 mallets ($225), featuring extreme heel-toe weighting and a very high MOI, which helps keep these putters on line and square to the target throughout the stroke. Engineers at Never Compromise accomplished this task by successfully removing weight from the body of the clubhead and placing tungsten weights in the heel and toe areas. The most innovative aspect of the Gray Matter 2 putters, however, is the aluminum-infused composite weave inserts they’re fitted with, which provide enhance feel while at the same time move even more weight away from the clubface and into low and deep areas of the clubhead for improved launch and roll characteristics. For these reasons, the Gray Matter 2 putters are looking like potential ‘06 GT Tech Award winners.


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