Putters Buyer's Guide 2006

Delacruz PW Series
(877) 430-4653 | $99

Delacruz PW The PW Series shows that Dick De La Cruz can make something special out of something as simple as stainless.
Features: The PW-1 (pictured) features a rear perimeter-weighting bar that places more mass in just the right spot for a true end-over-end roll.
Advantages: The weighting bar on the PW-3 putter includes a golf ball-sized alignment aid. Place a ball in the circle and practice rolling putts. The design allows you to improve alignment and grooves a smooth stroke by watching the ball’s roll as you move back and through.
What We Like: The PWs weigh in at a rather hefty 360+ grams, consistent with the current trend of heavy putters.
Lineup: PW Series, Bolero
Putterhead: Stainless steel (cast)
Putterface: Same
Weight: PW-1—350 grams; PW-3—365 grams
Design(s): PW-1, PW-3—Heel-shafted, perimeter-weighted blade (available LH)

Gauge Design GAA Series
(760) 591-9869 | $325

Gauge Design GAA If you prefer top-tier quality and manufacturing and Tour-proven head shapes, then look no further than Gauge Design putters from master craftsman Dave Whitlam.
Features: The name Gauge should give you a clue about the exacting tolerances to which these putters adhere, including the popular GAA Series. These stainless-steel beauties include Gauge’s Aluinser insert structure, which creates a very solid feel and actually raises the CG to promote a quick forward roll. The unique hosel configuration is state-of-the-art.
Advantages: The design of the GAA putters create Tour-level performance with a good dose of perimeter weighting. The new GAA3 ETBW (pictured) features tungsten heel-toe weighting.
What We Like: Gauge’s purity and performance.
Lineup: J-Spec Series, GAA Series, Type M
Putterhead: Stainless steel (milled)
Putterface: Aluinser (milled)
Weight: 350 grams  
Design(s): AA3, AA8—Heel-shafted heel-toe blade; AA8—Face-balanced mallet (available LH)

Goolie BGS Series
(858) 699-4331 | $179

Goolie BGS A very sharp-looking and well-conceived design that earns the title “game-improvement putter.”
Features: Goolie artfully combines an aluminum body with two nickel-chromium sections. The nickel has a specific gravity three times that of aluminum, which creates a high polar MOI.
Advantages: The resultant MOI and CG location (positioned directly in line with the strike area) successfully negates twisting during all segments of the stroke for more consistent contact. The CG also promotes more topspin for a truer roll.
What We Like: We really like the look and shape of the Goolie. If you need directional control on the greens, the BGS will help (especially the larger BGS-Ex model, pictured).
Lineup: BGS Series
Putterhead: Aluminum, Nickel chromium (cast)
Putterface: Aluminum (milled)
Weight: 355 grams
Design(s): BGS-33, BGS-Ex—Heel- or center-shafted, face-balanced mallet (no LH)
Macgregor FLS
(800) 841-4358 | $179

Macgregor FLS One of the most popular names in putting in the mid-1990s returns with major technological upgrades and a greater potential to help you make more than your fair share of putts.
Features: Bobby Grace’s original Fat Lady Swings and its renegade shape paved the way for most modern mallets. Add to that classic profile some MacGregor ingenuity, including three-way weighting for a high polar MOI and user-adjustable heel-toe weighting, and you have one of the top flatsticks for 2006.
Advantages: Excellent feel, controlled stability and ease of alignment. The FLS flat-out works!
What We Like: MacGregor and Grace made magic with the GT line, and this is even better.
Lineup: The Fat Lady Swings, GT Series, GT Mini, M-Series
Putterhead: Aluminum (milled)
Putterface: Beryllium copper (milled)
Weight: 352 grams
Design(s): Heel-shafted mallet (no LH)

Mizuno Bettinardi A Series
(800) 966-1211 | $179

Mizuno Bettinardi A Another modern classic from the mind of renowned putter creator Bob Bettinardi.
Features: Mizuno is one of the top forgers in irons, so it makes sense it teamed with one of the great putter millers in Bob Bettinardi to create two face-balanced mallets with high-MOI properties (as well as heel-toe models in the B Series).
Advantages: Purchase either the A-01 or A-02 (pictured) and you receive an artfully milled, high-performance putter with Bettinardi’s classic Honeycomb face for consistent contact. How much quality can you expect? Every putter receives 20 checks against exacting tolerances.
What We Like: The modern shape without all of the distractions—a clean, pure mallet.
Lineup: Bettinardi A Series, Bettinardi B Series
Putterhead: Aluminum steel (milled)
Putterface: Same
Weight: N/A
Design(s): A-01, A-02—Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet (A-02 available LH)

Never Compromise Milled Series
(800) 999-6263 | $255

Never Compromise Milled These premium putters are 100% milled from a single piece of high-grade Japanese carbon steel, which is among the softest and most consistent in the world.
Features: A tungsten sole weight for not only an increased MOI, but a precisely centered sweet spot directly in front of the sight line. Each of the six heel-toe models has a different neck structure and design for varying putter preferences (#3 pictured).
Advantages: The Milled Series offers proven, high-MOI performance plus the feel of a pure carbon-steel putter.
What We Like: A lot of options and a lot of feel.
Lineup: Gray Matter 2 Series, Milled Series, Speed Control Series
Putterhead: Carbon steel (milled)
Putterface: Same
Weight: 335-345 grams
Design(s): Milled Series 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7—Heel-shafted heel-toe blade; Milled Series 4—Heel-shafted half-mallet (available LH)


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