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By Rick Sessinghaus, PGA

When it comes to putting grips, there's really no wrong answer! Don't be afraid to try different styles if you find your current grip isn't helping you make more putts. The cross-handed grip can help if you have trouble leaving the putterface open at impact. The 10-finger grip may help add some hinge in the wrists and release some tension.

Unconventional grips like the claw grip can help remove unwanted wrist and hand motion. No matter what grip you choose, the goal of the grip is to keep the clubface square at impact. This can be achieved by having the hands placed on the club in different ways, as these photos illustrate.

Remember the feel from putting comes right through your grip; you also need to be aware of grip pressure. The key is to maintain the grip pressure in both hands throughout the stroke. Just be sure that when you experiment, you stick with one style for a while. The last thing you want is to change up so often that you lose faith and confidence in your grip.

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PUTTING IS AN ART. It's the most stylish aspect of golf, since there's really no wrong or right answer for how you should putt. If you have a particular style and it works for you (well, except anchored styles), and that style is repeatable, then anything goes. This year's models are as varied as ever, with blades, mallets and everything in between. We can't say this enough, though: No matter what putter you get, choose one that fits your stroke. Like any club in your bag, the one that's fit for you will perform the best. The same applies to putters.

Golf Tips Legend

Key Feature: For golfers who want the benefits of the innovative AXIS1 putters, only this time in a more traditional blade-style design. Well, it's not fair to call it traditional with such a radical hosel, but the center-of-balance sweetspot is just plain incredible. It should be on everyone's must-try list.
Who It's For: All player types, especially those who want to try what we think is one of the best putting innovations lately.
Wow Factor: Gotta love that hosel with the clean blade-style lines. It's a cinch to align and roll straight putts.
Specs: Coming soon this March. | $299
Umbra Belly
Key Feature: The Umbra features a CG that's in the center of the putterface (as opposed to closer to the hosel) for a higher MOI, zero torque and straighter, truer-rolling putts.
Who It's For: Golfers who like unorthodox-shaped putters and want to try one that just feels so darn good in the hands.
Wow Factor: It's perfectly balanced. Try it. You'll immediately see what we mean. It's that good.
Specs: Available in 34- and 35-inch models, in standard and heavy weights. | $299-$349

Key Feature: The 2013 version of this blade has a slightly lower profile and a more shallow face than its predecessor, so the putter sits below the ball and frames it better.
It's wider from front to toe, for stability. The "Hyper Honeycomb" face provides impact crispness. Its durable PVD finish enhances feel.
Who It's For: Fans of exquisite craftsmanship, that's who.
Wow Factor: Powder blue grip adds to the overall coolness.
Specs: One model available for righties and lefties. Clubhead weighs 353 grams. | $299


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