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Take Out The Break
Ever heard of the "pro side" of the hole? Usually that means the higher side of the cup, and that's where better players tend to miss, right? Nope. Better players actually hit their short putts more confidently, meaning they actually play for less break.

If you play a short putt that has a lot of break, you'll probably miss on the low side anyway. So, the next time you're faced with a short putt that has a little curve to it, play for less break and make a confident stroke. That's what the pros do!
Precision Tour Milled PTM2
Key Features: This USA-made blade is first precision-cast into a raw shape and then tour-milled. Two versions are offered, including a straight-shafted PTM2 and an offset whistle-bend PTM2w with the shaft entry near the heel.
Wow Factor: If the alignment system works for you as well as it does for some Tour pros like Zach Johnson, you'll be wowed by it. We think it's dead-on accurate.
Specs: Available in any length between 26 and 37 inches, with offset shaft option. The milled, stainless-steel cast putterhead can be customized to any weight between 350 and 380 grams, and can be made into a counter-balanced putter, as well.
seemore.com | $195
Pitch Black
Key Features: Black grip, shaft and clubhead create a cool look, and the neon yellow-green face insert lends a supersoft feel that actually increases friction for a faster end-over-end roll.
Wow Factor: These putters look dark and aggressive, but the soft insert actually makes them quite cuddly to putt with, meaning the softness makes you hit the putt a little harder, which is good for killing yippy, tentative putting strokes.
Specs: Available in four models—two blades, a mallet and an in-betweener.
stxgolf.com | $150
Ghost Tour Series
Key Features: This line features three blades and four mallets. Each has sleek-looking black ion sole plating, white topline and a new surlyn-aluminum PureRoll insert for smooth roll and feel. They look aggressive, but you'll have no problem with delicate putts.
Wow Factor: The aesthetics look rich and inviting—a great mixture of dark, light, shiny and matte. The feel is sensational, as well. We like the way they set up behind the ball.
Specs: Available in lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches, with a stepless steel shaft and new premium rubber grip.
taylormadegolf.com | $149
SL Series
Key Features: The tall face! Designed with a slight convex curvature and taller than standard face height, these putters ensure more putts are hit from the center of the putterface. By center, we mean not only side to side, but vertically, as well.
Wow Factor: Many golfers "thin" their putts and don't even know it. That can create less than desired spin on the ball and a wobbly roll. These putters are designed to help prevent thin putts and put a smoother roll on the golf ball.
Specs: Available in three models (two blades and one mallet), each with a tall face. Custom lengths and lie angles available.
tallfaceputter.com | $149
Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance
Key Features: Advanced perimeter stability weighting in the deep-CG mallet's head, plus a 50-gram counterweight in the shaft butt, means stability through your stroke. The standard shaft and grip are longer than convention—38 and 15 inches, respectively—so golfers can grip up or down.
Wow Factor: A cool look to it, and the counterbalancing can stabilize your stroke by adding weight above your hands.
Specs: Available in one-inch lengths from 36 to 40 inches. The 3.5° loft and 70° lie angle can be customized by +/-1° and +/-2°, respectively.
titleist.com | $425


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