2013 Buyer's Guide Putters

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Pearl Prosports
Pearl butter
Key Feature: The lie angle on this symmetrically balanced aluminum mallet can adjust from 80° to 60°, depending on your stance. The center shaft design increases stability, so that off-center hits travel straighter. Custom hosel and shaft create an unobstructed view, allowing natural alignment. Milled face grooves reduce ball skid.
Who It's For: Those who want a custom-fit lie angle.
Wow Factor: All those color and decal choices!
Specs: One model, with a choice of four standard or 12 bright colors and lengths available. Clubhead weighs 360 grams.
www.pearlprosports.com | $249-$349
Scottsdale TR
Key Feature: Variable-depth grooves in the aluminum face insert aim to improve ball-speed consistency, regardless of whether the ball is struck on the center, heel or toe. The grooves are deepest in the center and shallower toward the perimeter. Shaft length is adjustable from 31 to 38 inches—yes, it's USGA-conforming!
Who It's For: Golfers who want a custom length—anytime.
Wow Factor: Pretty much everything. As usual. Carry on.
Specs: Twelve models available. Clubheads vary between 345 and 505 grams.
ping.com | $162-$235
Icon 2
Key Feature: Milled from a piece of 303 stainless steel, this classic-style mallet looks as if it's heel-shafted, but actually the hosel floats through a topline hole at the heel and attaches to a vertical putter post at the head's center of gravity. This results in better feel at impact.
Who It's For: Face-balanced mallet lovers who like the ICON 2's parallel gun-sight alignment system.
Wow Factor: A really responsive feel that will help
your stroke.
Specs: Custom-fitted for length, from 28 to 45 inches, including 38- to 45-inch belly putters.
plopgolf.com | $250
El Capitan Z
Key Feature: The plumber's neck design of this beauty promotes a forward press stroke, and the uninterrupted topline allows you to keep focus on the ball, not the
putterhead. Of course, it too has RIFE's Roll-Groove face.
Who It's For: Golfers who want a stylish putter to go with their forward-press putting strokes.
Wow Factor: Everything RIFE does exudes pure class. This putter is no exception. It's silky smooth and feels like butter, even with firmer golf balls. We likey! 
Specs: Comes in two pretty finishes: Phantom or Rose Gold.
rifeputters.com | $219
Key Feature: With ties to the root of RIFE's history, the Legend mallet has aesthetics and performance driven from the original 2-Bar Putter. The adjustable 2-Bar weighting system can be adjusted to suit different tastes and the aluminum Roll-Groove face promises a true roll.
Who It's For: All player types, frankly.
Wow Factor: We love the 2-Bar design and the aluminum feels amazing and comfortable.
Specs: Available in Black or Champagne finish.
rifeputters.com | $234
Key Feature: his large mallet is 100% milled from 6061 aluminum aircraft material and boasts a platinum finish. Adjustable weights can bring the headweight up to 360 grams. We dig SeeMore's commitment to offering this putter in many lengths.
Who It's For: Golfers seeking a simple alignment system.
Wow Factor: The rich, dark finish. The alignment systems works great—all in all, it's simple genius.
Specs: Three models—two blades and a mallet. Clubheads vary between 355 and 365 grams.
seemore.com | $195
Key Feature: Shaped like a driver and painted with an arctic white finish, these new flatsticks boast a hollow core design that transfers energy from the clubhead to the ball and helps optimize roll.
Who It's For: Golfers who want a new feel and look.
Wow Factor: They look different, but they're a blast! 
Specs: Four standard models (3-wood, Hybrid, Hybrid-Blade and Blade) are available in lengths from 32 to 36 inches in 1/2-inch increments. Belly version is available in lengths from 40 to 44 inches in 1/2-inch increments.
sorensongolf.com | $140
Pitch Black
Key Feature:

The black grip, shaft and head create a one-piece appearance. The neon yellow face insert is soft, and its technology strives to increase the coefficient of friction, to impart more forward spin on the ball for putts that stay on line.
Who It's For: All players who appreciate cool designs.
Wow Factor: We really like the dark, brooding look at address and behind the golf ball. We dig the neon, too.
Specs: Four models—two blades, a mallet, and an in-betweener—available. Clubheads weigh 345 grams.
stxgolf.com | $140

SL Series
Key Feature: The tall face! Designed with a slight convex curvature and taller than standard face height, these putters ensure more putts are hit from the center of the clubface.
Who It's For: Golfers who need to improve their putting consistency. These work wonders for distance control.
Wow Factor: The tall face and super-smooth face are sweet. It's also very easy to put a good roll on the ball.
Specs: Comes in three models (two blades and one mallet), each with a tall face. Custom length and lie angles are available.
tallfaceputter.com | $149


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