2013 Buyer's Guide Putters

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Bobby Grace
Stainless 6-Diamond
Key Feature: These premium offerings from the Heavy Putter line feature two models (blade and mallet) that are 100% CNC milled.
Who It's For: Those who can afford a very pricey putter and want it hand-milled by Bobby Grace.
Wow Factor: It's stunning. But okay, we can't ignore that sticker price. Then again, if there's someone who's worth it, it's probably Bobby Grace.
Specs: One putter model available. The clubhead weighs 360 grams.
bobbygraceputters.com | $825
Key Feature: Its transparent design functions as an alignment aid to get your ball rolling on the right track. It was easy to line up correctly, and the stats say that 90% of us struggle with alignment. Not anymore.
Who It's For: People who aren't afraid to try something a little unorthodox on the greens.
Wow Factor: It's really fun to use!
Specs: Offset and center-shafted models. Right- and left-handed, and a variety of lie and length options, including broomstick and belly.
clearviewputter.com | $110
Classic Collection HB
Key Feature: Heel-toe weighting maximizes MOI for minimal distance loss on off-center hits. A slightly deep CNC milling pattern on the face promotes a softer feel at impact, for more control. Sports a pleasingly soft grip.
Who It's For: All abilities.
Wow Factor: Cleveland has quietly been making some really great putters. It's about time they get their due.
Specs: Five traditional designs—three blades, two mallets—available, including one belly model. Clubheads vary between 340 and 360 grams.
clevelandgolf.com | $90/$130

Dead Aim
Key Feature: An optically engineered, raised, three-hole top line that makes it easy to know when your eyes are lined up over the ball. We like the instant lie/loft feedback.
Who It's For: Golfers who have a hard time aligning their eyes over the ball and keeping the putterface square.
Wow Factor: The laser is awesome! 
Specs: Two models are available in standard and belly lengths. Both come in black and silver/white finishes. An optional laser-training alignment device and/or a clip for the clubface that helps you hone in on centered contact.
deadaimputters.com | $150-$220
Faldo Torque Balanced
Key Feature: Nick Faldo is onboard with David Edel, and together they have created the new Torque Balanced Putters, which are true works of art. Each is designed to not only look good, but to help golfers more efficiently square the putterface at impact.
Who It's For: Players who appreciate fine craftsmanship.
Wow Factor: They're gorgeous to look at and swing, and with a six-time Major winner involved, you know they're gonna be good. Obviously.
Specs: Available in 3 shapes, 3 head weights and 3 weights.
edelgolf.com | $350
Method Core Drone 2
Key Feature: The latest in the Method Core Weighted line, this unique-shaped mallet has weight moved to the outside through its wings, for forgiveness on off-center hits. Fixed weights on the heel and sole help lower the CG and move it away from the face for a truer end-over-end roll.
Who It's For: Golfers who like radical designs, fo'sho.
Wow Factor: The weighting really does what it says. It's extremely stable through the putting stroke.
Specs: One model available. Clubheads vary between 350 and 390 grams, depending on the length of the putter.
nikegolf.com | $169

Never Compromise
Limited Connoisseur
Key Feature: Forged from 303 stainless steel and CNC-milled to ensure incredible precision during production. The combination of soft metal and forged-grain structure provides exceptional feel at impact.
Who It's For: Engineered for players who seek perfection on the green and premium putter devotees.
Wow Factor: They're spectacular to look at over the ball and weighted/balanced to insane precision. Well done, NC.
Specs: Comes in two lengths (34 and 35 inches) and a headweight of 340 grams. Winn grip, plumber-neck hosel.
nevercompromise.com | $300
Key Feature: The head's high-contrast, lateral black-and-white alignment system accentuates the face angle at address, through the stroke and at impact. This contrast promotes concentration during the putter stroke, for more impact consistency. An improved White Hot insert produces consistent sound and feel. Trust is, it's perfect.
Who It's For: Golfers who need help with their aim.
Wow Factor: The look of the blades is Zebra-like cool.
Specs: Six models available, including the popular 2-Ball, in varying versions. Clubheads weigh 343g; 2-Ball is 355g.
odysseygolf.com | $170
Key Feature: A milled, stainless-steel mallet with a two-circle crown alignment aid bearing a line down the middle—the top circle aligns the putterface with the intended line and the lower circle gives instant visual feedback. It's face-balanced and heel-shafted.
Who It's For: Every type of player who wants some help with his or her alignment and stroke.
Wow Factor: We love the soft feel this putter has, and the creative alignment aid is clever. Nice price, too.
Specs: One model available. Clubhead weighs 345 grams.
orlimar.com | $130


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