2012 Buyer's Guide Putters

Will you switch to a long putter this year?

DCF Series
Key Feature: All four models are made from 303 billet-milled stainless steel. There's a lot to choose from here, so personal preference will determine if you want to spend the three and a half bills for your next putter.
Who It's For: Designed by Bruce Sizemore, these top-quality putters are for golfers who like to play with a premium flatstick.
Specs: Four differently shaped models, which range in weight from 349 to 359 grams. Two blades, one hybrid blade and one mid-mallet.
superstrokeusa.com | $350
Ghost Manta
Key Feature: All the high-MOI benefits of a quirky mallet, but with a more conservative shape. Boasts 50g of tungsten in both its heel and toe for better stability, a Tour-favored Surlyn insert and aluminum body. Pretty subdued compared to last year's Ghost Spider.
Who It's For: Golfers who don't line up correctly to the hole. TaylorMade says the white finish and two bold top-alignment lines will remedy that.
Specs: The 33- and 34-inch heads weigh 360g, whereas the 35-inch model weighs 370g. Comes in belly and long, too.
taylormadegolf.com | $180
Ghost Tour
Key Feature: The new Ghost Tour has many attributes of a premium stick—high-quality white paint, brushed-steel finish on the sole and sharpened edges—but for a more affordable price.
Who It's For: Players who want to use the same putters the Tour pros use, but don't want to cough up three bills for the privilege. Also, anybody who struggles with alignment and thinks that the white head will help.
Specs: Six models, including three classic Tour blades, two large mallets and one smaller mallet.
taylormadegolf.com | $159
Cameron California
Key Feature: Master putter designer Scotty Cameron designed his latest line with visual flow in mind. Roughly speaking, that's the way the putter looks when placed behind the ball at address. He did this by making 30 refinements from the last California line.
Who It's For: Cameron collectors, of course, and everyone else who appreciates premium craftsmanship from one of the game's greatest clubmakers.
Specs: Five models are available, including blades and mid-mallets. Three lengths (33-35 inches).
titleist.com | $375
Cameron Studio Select
Key Feature: Fine craftsmanship aside, these putters are milled from high-grade stainless steel and feature two fixed heel and toe weights for even better stability at impact. Feel and weight are two of the most important factors in putter design. Cameron seems to nail both variables perfectly every time.
Who It's For: Purists who want more pronounced heel-toe weighting from one of the more traditional putter designs. Cameron collectors.
Specs: Eight models available.
titleist.com | $325
Tour Edge
Key Feature: A stability bar that places more weight behind the sweet spot and increases the MOI for more accurate putts. Another nice feature is its 90° bend shaft that pulls the head through the ball.
Who It's For: Golfers who like unorthodox shapes. If you struggle with keeping your putter online, these babies are super stable.
Specs: Available in four models in four different lengths, including belly. Black and white putterheads.
touredge.com | $120
Wilson Staff
Key Feature: Classic shapes and a stealthy black appearance make this updated version appealing.
Who It's For: These timeless putters will appeal to traditionalists who prefer solid feel and good weighting to unorthodox looks and colors. Features precision milling and an antiglare black PVD finish. Affordable, too!
Specs: Six models, including one specifically for women. Mostly blades, plus one semi-mallet and mallet. Comes in two lengths, 34 and 35 inches. (The women's model measures 33 inches.)
wilsonstaff.com | $100
Key Feature: The concentric grooves for which these putters derive their name. Tilted at twenty degrees upward, the grooves generate faster roll on mis-hits. Also features a TPU 65D face insert.
Who It's For: Golfers looking for a muted sound at impact and a solidly constructed putter.
Specs: These are the first Yes! putters since Adams bought the company last year. Nine models are available, including Pippi 12 (shown). Standard, mid and long lengths available. Head weights range from 322 to 500 grams.
yesgolf.com | $150-$300
EZONE Milled
Key Feature: The EZONE series feature two different models, Full Milled and Face Milled. Both offerings include a traditional-looking blade and mallet. The Full Milled has a forged S25C steel body and face, while Face Milled boasts an SUS304 stainless-steel body and milled face.
Who It's For: Both models are handsome, so the choice remains fully milled or just face milled? Blade or mallet? Look for the subtle color differences, too.
Specs: Four models (two in each category) and three different lengths weighing between 515 and 529 grams.
yonexusa.com | $149-$299


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