2012 Buyer's Guide Putters

Will you switch to a long putter this year?

Anser Milled
Key Feature: There are seven different models, and each 303 stainless-steel clubhead features slight variations to the top lines, heel-toe length and toe radius. More than anything, we love their clean appearance and elegant satin-nickel finish.
Who It's For: Better players who love the Anser lineup in a premium finish and dialed-in specifications.
Specs: Seven different models each with its own subtle differences in hosel design that determines the putter's path and balance.
ping.com | $299
Key Feature: Its dark finish stands in contrast to its white and maroon alignment aids, making the mallets easy to align. On the blades, the maroon is limited to a few lines on the white face insert.
Who It's For: Something for everyone here, so if you're a PING fan, you'll find one of your favorite models, in a darker finish.
Specs: 14 models to choose from, including the futuristic Wolverine model (shown).
ping.com | $140-$180
Piretti Golf
Forza Midnight Black
Key Feature: This heel-shafted beauty comes in two weights (365 and 375 grams) and boasts a stealthy black finish to its 11L17 Carbon Steel head.
Who It's For: Golfers who love the traditional look and feel of a heel-shafted blade with a modern finish. With a heavy head, the Forza makes arcing strokes a breeze to keep on line.
Specs: Comes in many length options (32-40 inches) and seven lie options. Three custom grips available, too.
pirettigolf.com | $290
Key Feature: Milled from a piece of 303 stainless steel, this classic-style mallet looks as if it's heel-shafted, but actually the hosel floats through a topline hole at the heel and attaches to a vertical putter post at the head's center of gravity. This results in better feel at impact.
Who It's For: Face-balanced mallet lovers who like the ICON 2's parallel gun-sight alignment system and crave great feel at impact.
Specs: Custom-fitted for length, from 28 to 45 inches, including 38- to 45-inch belly putters.
plopgolf.com | $250
Key Feature: Measuring anywhere from 40 to 43 inches, the ONE PUTT belly putter comes in two models, blade and mallet. At its reasonable price, it's the perfect flatstick for someone jonesing to try a longer putter.
Who It's For: Budget-minded golfers who want to jump on the belly-putter bandwagon. At only 90 bucks, the ONE‚ÄąPUTT is a steal!
Specs: Comes with a 415-gram head made of stainless steel. Five shaft lengths available (40-43 inches), and a 21-inch one-piece compound grip.
powerbilt.com | $90
Island Series
Key Feature: First, let's just say how happy we are to see Rife back and moving full steam ahead. Look for the company's RollGroove Technology to grip the ball's face and generate a faster roll. Welcome back.
Who It's For: This Island Series offers five different models, and in two different finishes. Feeling irie? Try the trippy tropical finish, mon.
Specs: There are five different putters available in the line, and all come in either a standard silver matte finish or the new, cosmetically cool tropical rainbow look.
rifeputters.com | $170
SB1 Platinum
Key Feature: This large mallet is 100% milled from 6061 aluminum aircraft material and boasts a platinum finish. Adjustable weights can bring the head weight up to 360 grams. We dig SeeMore's commitment to offering this putter in many lengths.
Who It's For: Straight-back and straight-through putters and folks who want a long, heavy option to add to their arsenal. Great weight!
Specs: Available in standard length, belly and broomstick versions. Head weight=335-360 grams.
seemore.com | $250
Key Feature: Shaped like a driver and painted with an arctic-white finish, these new flatsticks boast a hollow core design that transfers energy from the clubhead to the ball and helps optimize roll.
Who It's For: Golfers looking for a precise roll and who like its wood-like looks.
Specs: Four standard models (3-wood, Hybrid, Hybrid-Blade and Blade) are available in lengths from 32 to 36 inches in 1/2-inch increments. Belly version is available in lengths from 40 to 44 inches in 1/2-inch increments.
sorensongolf.com | $140
Key Feature: This striking new lineup from STX features two models that are 100% machine milled from 303 stainless steel.
Who It's For: Golfers who love elegant, superbly-crafted flatsticks.
Specs: Two models are available with either a stainless steel face or thermoset insert. Look for a mallet version called XForm3. Both blade models weigh 350 grams, while the mallet tips the scales at 355g.
stxgolf.com | $249


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