2011 Buyer's Guide Putters

Find the flatstick that works for you

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Piretti Golf
Cottonwood II
Beauty & BrawnKey Feature: Milled from a solid billet of 11L17 carbon steel, the custom Cottonwood II blade weighs a healthy 365 grams.
What We Like: Very well balanced, as if all the company's putters could swing themselves. Handsome, solid and classy-looking, too. Its two finish options: Midnight Black or 303 Stainless, both of which produce a nonglare finish.
Who It's For: Golfers looking for a premium-priced milled putter from a boutique outfit.
Specs: Available in a variety of lengths, and in both right- and left-handed models. Four grip options available, too. Dot or line sight option.
pirettigolf.com | $265
Unsung HeroKey Feature: The CSH stands for "Center Shafted Hosel." Unlike other putters, the Plop features a separately milled hosel and body, rather than one milled piece. Why "RSVP?" It's a response to PING's famous Anser model.
What We Like: The "floating" hosel. It fits the back of the putterhead right where you make contact. That produces solid-feeling putts.
Who It's For: Folks who like Anser-style putter heads and the floating-hosel concept.
Specs: Comes in 325-, 345- and 375-gram weights, and lengths from 30 to 37 inches. Custom options including LH versions available.
plopgolf.com | $250
Alignment All-StarKey Feature: RST2 technology, and no, that's not a Star Wars reference. The Si4 features RifleScope Technology (RST) in the hosel for the first time. Two white lines are milled parallel to the putterface to give users a "gunsight effect" so they know when they're properly aligned.
What We Like: SeeMore brings their innovative alignment technology to an "Anser-style" blade with a soft TPU face insert.
Who It's For: Golfers who don't want to guess whether they're lined up properly.
Specs: RH and LH. The Si series also comes in three other models, the Si1, Si2 and Si3.
seemore.com | $180

Sync Series Collection
Key Feature: Each of the five models has F.E.E.L., a Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer that produces a supersoft feel.
What We Like: The option to customize three different "feels." Comes with three different face inserts, Black (softest), Red (medium) and Green (firmest) so you can alter its feel.
Who It's For: Golfers who play on a variety of different greens and want to be able to tweak how hard or soft the ball comes off the face.
Specs: Five putters available in the collection. Three blades and two mallets. 34- and 35-inch models, 335-355 grams.
stxgolf.com | $109
Beauty & BrawnKey Feature: All the putters' bodies, face inserts, necks and back weights are made with premium 303 stainless steel.
What We Like: The Diamond Cut Face (DCF) Technology. The face grooves are precision-cut with diamond-coated machining tools and combined with an exotic diamond finish to help increase friction between the insert and the ball.
Who It's For: Golfers who want to roll a premium flatstick made from the highest-quality materials. (Consider that puttermaker Bruce Sizemore sells some models for $15,000.)
Specs: Five original designs available.
superstrokegrip.com | $350
Rossa Corza Ghost
TrendsetterKey Feature: An all-white head with three contrasting black lines that make lining up your putts a breeze. Its hole in the back of the mallet is ball size and helps create a ghost image that aids alignment, too.
What We Like: Aside from the visual aids, its Anti-skid Groove System Insert that incorporates 12 CNC-milled grooves to promote forwardspin.
Who It's For: Mallet lovers, white-club lovers and Justin Rose. He used it twice last year to win. If you struggle with alignment and want a flatstick that pops on the greens, it's here.
Specs: One mallet style only.
taylormadegolf.com | $160


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