2011 Buyer's Guide Putters

Find the flatstick that works for you

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Knock it stiff, then knock it in. Sounds easy, but it’s not. Find the flatstick that will make it easier for you.

The fastest way to lower your handicap is to shave strokes on the green. Everybody knows that, so why do so few people put in the time on the practice green? For one thing, it’s a lot more fun to bust drives that stand over three-footers all day long. For another thing, it’s just so much work. We understand, but if you want to get better, you’ve got to start knocking in some of those little white pebbles.

To make it fun, you have to roll the right putter, and we guarantee you’ll find at least one in the following pages. Keep in mind style (blade, mallet), hosel shape, materials and, of course, price. There are many premium offerings and a few steals, too.

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Great Buy!Key Feature: A stainless-steel head with a milled face and a clear, yellow, urethane face insert for improved feel and perimeter weighting.
What We Like: They have a resounding feel. And dare we say, we like the splash of yellow color, both in the putterface and the grip. We like the mallet model, in particular.
Who It's For: Fans of Adams equipment who also like the benefits of having a soft insert for a more muted feel.
Specs: There are four models: two Anser-style, one blade and one mallet.
adamsgolf.com | $69
Studio Stock
Editors' PickKey Feature: The company's patented "Honeycomb" face pattern, which is produced from milled carbon steel.
What We Like: How classy the line looks. The Borealis Black finish is top-notch.
Who It's For: Golfers who don't mind paying a premium for a quality flatstick. It's hard to beat Bob Bettinardi's craftsmanship; that's why you'll pay a premium for it.
Specs: Precision milled from soft carbon steel. Four models available. SS8 is the only left-
handed model.
bettinardigolf.com | $375
Boccieri Golf
Beauty & BrawnKey Feature: The Mid-Weight series isn't as heavy as the earlier generations of Heavy Putters. Instead it weighs roughly 750 grams—still a lot, but lighter than earlier iterations.
What We Like: Its balance point is 75% higher than conventional putters, which helps eliminate overactive wrists during the stroke. Why? There's a 200g weight inserted into the grip's butt end.
Who It's For: Pendulum putters who want to quiet their overactive wrists.
Specs: Four models available (two mallets, two blades), between 32 and 36 inches. H1-M shown. Comes in a Black PVD or Bronze finish.
boccierigolf.com | $120


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