2010 Buyer's Guide Putters

Choosing the right putter means first looking at what type of putting stroke you have

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Slotline SSi-691
Key Feature:Its high-MOI design incorporates 15-gram tungsten heel and toe weights to produce putter balance for more impact stability.
What We Like: The tri-milled 6061 aluminum face insert promotes a soft feel and extraordinary balance. We like the look of this putter, as well.
Who It’s For: Three 360-gram stainless-steel models make up the SSi-600 Series. They come in three lengths, right-handed only.
Specs: Comes in three series, with several models to choose from.
slotlinegolf.com | $199
Taylormade Rossa TP
Key Feature: Designed by renowned puttermaker Kia Ma, each Rossa TP is CNC-milled to precise measurements for a pure feel and sound. The blade models also have six tungsten weights embedded in the heel, toe and rear regions of the putterhead.
What We Like: The midnight black finish is very sleek, and the feel is marvelous.
Who It’s For: Putter aficionados and touring professionals.
Specs: Available in six models, from heel-toe blades to mallet designs.
taylormadegolf.com | $360
Taylormade Monza Spider Vicino
Key Feature: The weighted aft wings of previous Spiders are now tucked in closer to the body, yet the MOI and putter stability remain very high.
What We Like: Its visual alignment aid is a thin, silver-colored layer of steel that contrasts nicely with the black PVD frame and features a single black line.
Who It’s For: More conservative tastes that liked the concept of the previous Spider putters, but didn’t care for the busy-ness of their looks.
Specs: Two 4-gram weights; other weights can be purchased separately.
taylormadegolf.com | $199

Tiger Shark GreenSpeed
Key Feature: An adjustable weight for improved stability and a putterface that’s double-milled for a perfectly flat and consistent hitting area.
What We Like: We’ve always liked the grips, and the new GreenSpeed putters feel great in our hands.
Who It’s For: Fans of the oversized Tiger Shark grips who also want a putter with adjustable weight. This is especially helpful when facing varying green-speed conditions.
Specs: Five models to choose from, with varying weights and head shapes.
tigersharkgolf.com | $ 70-$99
Tiger Shark R.A.P
Key Feature: Standing for Reverse Axis Position, these putters have a reverse-hosel design to promote a smoother pendulum movement.
What We Like: We love new ideas. The reverse-hosel design is a cool one, and it actually does what it says.
Who It’s For: Golfers looking for a change. Also, we consider the R.A.P. to be among the putters available with sky-high MOI ratings.
Specs: Comes in four Tiger Shark jumbo grip options.
tigersharkgolf.com | $99-$118
Titleist Shark Cameron Studio Select
Key Feature: Fine craftsmanship aside, these putters are milled from high-grade stainless steel and feature two fixed heel and toe weights for even better stability at impact.
What We Like: Feel and weight are two of the most important factors in putter design. Cameron seems to nail both variables perfectly every time.
Who It’s For: Purists who want more pronounced heel-toe weighting from one of the more traditional putter designs.
Specs: Eight models available.
titleist.com | $325

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