2010 Buyer's Guide Putters

Choosing the right putter means first looking at what type of putting stroke you have

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Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball V-Line
Key Feature: An extended mallet that features the 2-Ball alignment system, a double-bend shaft and full-shaft offset.
What We Like: The multilayer insert offers enhanced sound, responsiveness and consistency. And how easy it is to align. It’s almost like cheating.
Who It’s For: Golfers who like the 2-Ball alignment system and want to customize the putter’s weight to 350, 360 or 370 grams.
Specs: Part of the six-putter White Ice Series, it bears a dark nickel finish and comes in three lengths.
odysseygolf.com | $169
Ping iN 1⁄2 Wack-E
Key Feature: To achieve a high MOI, the center body cutout allows weight to be redistributed to the perimeter for increased stability.
What We Like: The first-of-its-kind nano-nickel-plated, lightweight polymer face insert produces a solid sound and firm feel. We also love the balanced feel this putter has during the stroke.
Who It’s For:
Anyone seeking a PING putter with an alignment feature.
Specs: There are 10 models in the iN Series; many of the head shapes are company staples.
pinggolf.com | $170
Ping iWi Craz-E
Key Feature: A machined stainless-steel face insert is encased in an elastomer backing, to perform like steel but with a soft feel.
What We Like: You can customize the weighting to your desired feel, using optional tungsten weights.
Who It’s For: PING putter fans who want the ability to dial in the putter for different green speeds.
Specs: Comes in six popular head shapes, each standard with two 12-gram steel sole weights. (Weight kit is an additional $70.)
pinggolf.com | $220

Rife Deep Blue
Key Feature: Weight’s deep in the rear corner, for stability and a high MOI. It’s complemented by a fully milled 6061 anodized-aluminum face insert.
What We Like: The ¾-inch-thick face insert yields a solid feel and impact sound, yet the putter feels light. Great if you want better distance control.
Who It’s For: Golfers seeking easy alignment on a light-feeling putter with heavier mass that guards against deceleration on the followthrough.
Specs: Swing weight is F2, but feels like only a D7.
rifeputter.com | $ 169
Key Feature: A cool, stylish mallet design with three face-insert options: black/soft, red/medium, green/firm.
What We Like: Three-piece insert system helps golfers adjust to different putting surfaces, green speeds, even golf balls without having to switch putters. The adjustable weighting is cool.
Who It’s For: Those who really want to fine-tune their putting and who like the feel of insert technology.
Specs: There also are a handful of blade styles to choose from, sporting the same insert goodness.
stxputters.com | $199
Seemore iN 1mSeries DB4
Key Feature: The alignment system sits on top of the hosel, as opposed to the original that’s on the putter’s top heel section.
What We Like: The heel-shafted plumber’s neck visually deflects the red dot and white lines of the alignment system away from the ball, which helps eliminate optical distraction.
Who It’s For: Anyone seeking a nice putter with a subtle and effective alignment system.
Specs: A classic blade with an offset hosel, in a beautiful platinum finish.
seemore.com | $295-325

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