2010 Buyer's Guide Putters

Choosing the right putter means first looking at what type of putting stroke you have

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Looking to drain a few more putts this year? We don’t blame you; and deciding to buy a new flatstick this year isn’t such a bad idea.

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The trend with putters this year is, well, there isn’t one! Puttermakers are now offering so many different styles, shapes, materials, metals, etc. to accommodate literally every type of golfer. Speaking of which, the best way to go about buying a new putter is to look at what type of putter you are. Do you miss on the short side? Try a heavier one. Have trouble aiming? Consider a mallet with an aggressive alignment aid. Check your stroke, too, and see if the putter’s weighting best matches how you swing the putter. Typically, face-balanced models are good for straight-back-and-through strokes, and non-face-balanced models are good for arcing strokes.

Check out all the putter goodness we’ve put together in 2010. And don’t forget to get fit.

Adams a7 Select
Key Feature: A stainless-steel head with a milled face and a clear, yellow, urethane face insert for improved feel and perimeter weighting.
What We Like: They have a resounding feel. And dare we say, we like the splash of yellow color, both in the putterface and the grip. We like the mallet model, in particular.
Who It’s For:
Fans of Adams equipment who also like the benefits of having a soft insert for a more muted feel.
Specs: There are four models: two Anser style, one blade and one mallet.
adamsgolf.com | $69

Bettinardi BB32
Key Feature: A modern mallet with a classic pear-shaped profile, plus a spud neck with a double-bend shaft.
What We Like:
The flange of this well-made putter is designed to achieve maximum perimeter weighting.
Who It’s For:
Golfers appreciating quality craftsmanship who also want a single sight line for alignment.
Specs: Part of the 2010 BB Series, which also includes four blades. Each is plated with a rich-looking, durable black nickel finish. This model is 35 inches long and weighs 345 grams.
bettinardigolf.com | $265

Cleveland Classic BRZ
Key Feature: The copper-infused face insert makes for a soft, responsive feel.
What We Like:
The heel-toe weighting on this stainless-steel model limits twisting on off-center hits, so all putts across the face roll straight. We love the coppery-bronze finish!
Who It’s For:
Golfers who want a classic-shaped, value putter that feels awesome. It comes with an oil-treated cloth that prevents oxidation.
Specs: Four models are offered in this series, each finished in bronze PVD to minimize glare.
clevelandgolf.com | $89

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