2009 Putters Buyer's Guide

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2009 Putter Buyer's GuideWhen shopping for a new putter, consider how different models fit, feel and look. When all three match up, you know you have your next flatstick. That will boost your confidence and, as a result, you’ll start sinking more putts.

Great golfers make more putts than good golfers. It’s just that simple. But one thing you probably didn’t know is that they also tend to use equipment that better fits their strokes. And with so many putter styles to choose from, it’s a sure bet there’s a flatstick out there that fits you to a “T.”

If you don’t believe us, browse through this year’s models. You’ll see putters with oversized grips that help quiet your smaller, “yippy” muscles, mallets with adjustable weights, unique-looking alignment aids and face inserts that make impact feel as soft as Charmin.

Another factor to consider when buying a new putter is your stroke path. If you swing the putter back and forth on an arc, you should play with a blade; if you have a straight-back stroke, you should use a mallet. Easy, right?

Also, eschew traditional designs if an unorthodox shape feels better to you. If the latest techno-heavy models don’t work for you, go with a tried-and-true putter with updated enhancements. There’s no wrong answer, just what works for you.

Adams DiXX BLU
Key Feature: A detachable computer that provides immediate feedback on swing path, impact position, tempo and a swing’s “speed balance.”
What We Like: Who doesn’t want a computer on their putter?! Best of all, it’s detachable, enabling golfers to use the same putter they practice with. Oh, and the huge drop in price.
Who It’s For: Gluttons for putting mechanics and those who want to refine their strokes with instant data.
Specs: Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet with a detachable computer.
adamsgolf.com | $299
Cleveland Classic Putter
Key Feature: Made of stainless steel, all of the putters in the Classic series have a CNC-milled putterface for the utmost in straightness and precision.
What We Like: Aside from looks, the putterface is the most important part of a putter. With a milled face and classic good looks, these putters have it all. But the best part isn’t the putter. It’s the price, at less than $70. What a steal!
Who It’s For: Anyone and everyone.
Specs: Plumber-neck and slant-neck blade or mallet head. CNC-milled putterface on each.
clevelandgolf.com | $69
Cleveland VP509
Key Feature: They’re not named VP (Visual Performance) for nothing. The series features a Dual Axis Alignment system so you know whether you’re lined up correctly or not.
What We Like: The alignment aid. We know when our eyes are inside or outside the target line. We also know when they’re directly over the ball. That helps us line up square every time.
Who It’s For: Golfers who struggle to align the putter at address.
Specs: Comes in six models, each with three length and lie combos.
clevelandgolf.com | $129


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