2008 Putter Buyer's Guide

Known as the most interesting and often the most colorful club in the bag, putters are more unique than ever. Want to try a new shape? A new material? There?s something new for everyone.

Odyssey BS-i
Key Feature: A urethane-dampening layer sandwiched between tungsten and stainless steel layers that cuts down on vibration, as well as a multi-layer Tour insert that improves feel.
What We Like: The nickel-plated finish gives it an extra touch of class. The addition of the insert provides softer feel than previous models.
Who It’s For: Anyone who wants a traditional-looking putter with technological advantages that provide improved feel.
Putterhead: Steel • Putterface: Urethane Weight: Std. • Designs: 1—Heel-shafted, heel-toe-balanced blade (available LH); 7—Face-balanced mallet; 9—Heel-shafted blade.
odysseygolf.com | $299
Odyssey Sabertooth
Key Feature: A radical dual fang headshape that moves weight to the putterhead’s perimeter, thus ramping up its MOI. It may look crazy, but it works like a dream.
What We Like: How Odyssey constructed a “2 in 1” putter. The Sabertooth’s fangs increase the MOI and make for a nifty alignment aid. Not to mention, it’ll help you scoop your ball up.
Who It’s For: Players who prefer an unorthodox shape in their flatstick, like the soft feel of an insert and crave a balanced, high MOI mallet.
Putterhead: Stainless steel • Putterface: Multi-layer White Hot XG insert • Weight: Std. Designs: Heel-shafted mallet
odysseygolf.com | $170
Ping i-Series
Key Feature:A thick urethane insert and black, white and orange alignment aids make the
i-Series one of the most visually appealing and soft-feeling offerings from PING.
What We Like: The lineup includes almost every putter style PING has ever offered: Anser, Zing, B60, Craz-E—they’re all here.
Who It’s For:Players who love the PING lineup and the soft feel of an insert. Some models feature raised alignment aids for better optics.
Putterhead: Stainless steel • Putterface: Urethane insert • Weight: Std. • Designs: 1⁄2 Craz-E, 1⁄2 Craz-E B, 1⁄2 Craz-E L, 1⁄2 Moon, Anser, Anser 4, B60, Craz-E, Piper H, Zing
pinggolf.com | $160

Ping Karsten Series
Key Feature: An elastomer insert in the cavity that helped the PING engineers move weight to the perimeter of the clubhead for a higher moment of inertia.
What We Like: They’ve retained a stainless steel clubface and an insert (located in the club’s cavity).
Who It’s For: Players who like a high MOI putter, but the responsiveness of stainless steel. Fans of classic putter design.
Putterhead: Stainless steel • Putterface: Same Weight: Std. • Designs: Anser, Anser 2, Zing—Blade; C67—Mid-Mallet; B60, Craz-E, Piper—Mallet
pinggolf.com | $120
Rife Two-Bar Hybrid
Key Feature: Two bars for enhanced aim, adjustable speed weighting for a custom feel and Rife’s RollGroove Technology that’s designed to provide a consistent, no-skid roll.
What We Like:Rife blended their two highly popular putters (Two-Bar and Barbados) into a unique hybrid putter.
Who It’s For: Golfers who like a putter to fit them to a “T.” Not only can you adjust the Two-Bar Hybrid’s weight, you can tweak its lie angle via Rife’s LieAline Fitting System.
Putterhead: 431 Stainless Steel • Putterface: 6061 CNC milled anodized aluminum • Weight: Adj. • Designs: Heel-shafted mallet
rifeputters.com | $199
Sizemore XM
Key Feature: Interchangeable alignment aids (both parallel and perpendicular optical alignments) so golfers can choose the one that best fits his or her eye.
What We Like: Bruce Sizemore not only blended materials (aluminum and copper) but gave us alignment aids we can tinker with. We’re also suckers for the IND-X cross-milled face finish.
Who It’s For: Golfers who dig adjustability; mallet lovers who want the perfect alignment aid.
Putterhead: 6061 Aluminum • Putterface: Aluminum and copper • Weight: Adj. Designs: XM-1—Heel-shafted mallet; XM-2—Center-shafted mallet.
sizemoregolf.com | $349


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