2008 Putter Buyer's Guide

Known as the most interesting and often the most colorful club in the bag, putters are more unique than ever. Want to try a new shape? A new material? There?s something new for everyone.

Macro Golf Sq Stroke Mallet
Key Feature: A 14-inch BlackVelvet forward onset MACRO® Grip that’s long, wide and flat. Despite asking you to alter your normal putting grip (and putt with your dominant hand), we think players will gravitate to the unique design.
What We Like: The MACRO grip, of course. It was engineered to balance the putterhead.
Who It’s For: Golfers who have a hard time keeping the face square through the stroke. (And like to putt with their dominant hand.)
Putterhead: Stainless steel • Putterface: Same, plus a CNC milled aluminum insert Weight: Standard • Designs: Blade; Square Stroke Mallet
macrogolf.com | $159
Mizuno Bettinardi C Series
Key Feature: Bob Bettinardi’s patented Honeycomb face encourages consistent ball-striking, not to mention each model comes with four degrees of loft and a 71-degree lie angle.
What We Like: It’s hard to beat Bettinardi’s handiwork. It’s so well made, we can’t decide if we want to play with it or frame it.
Who It’s For: Players who dig traditional head shapes over unorthodox looks—a distinct advantage for purists.
Putterhead: 11L17 Carbon Steel (milled) Putterface: Same • Weight: Std. • Designs: C-01, C-02, C-03, C-04—Heel-shafted, heel-toe-weighted blade (C-03 available LH)
mizunousa.com | $229
Mizuno Black Carbon Series
Key Feature: Its Feel Impact Technology Face™ (F.I.T. Face). The milled face reduces the impact area to deliver an incredibly soft feel.
What We Like: Bob Bettinardi just keeps pumping out really beautiful putters that look and feel great. We’re techies, so we love how Bettinardi made a soft “insert-less” putter.
Who It’s For: Golfers looking for a soft insert feel without the insert. Bettinardi used a milled face with a punch pattern on the carbon-steel head. It’s also super easy to align.
Putterhead: Carbon steel • Putterface: Same Weight: Std. • Designs: BC1, BC2—Blade; BC3—Mallet
mizunousa.com | $250

Never Compromise GM2 Exchange
Key Feature: The option to alter the headweight by up to 50 grams, a big advantage, especially when playing on different green speeds.
What We Like: The clean lines, butter-soft aluminum-infused weave face insert and, of course, the adjustable weights.
Who It’s For: Adjustable weight addicts.
Putterhead: Aluminum (milled) • Putterface: Same • Weight: Adj. • Designs: Exchange
1—Heel-shafted mallet; Ex. 2—Center-shafted mallet (available LH); Ex. 3—Center-shafted mallet/blade fusion; Ex. 4—Heel-shafted blade; Ex. 5—Heel-shafted blade (available LH)
exchangeputters.com | $229
Never Compromise Milled Series
Key Feature: A tungsten sole weight that not only increases its MOI, but centers the sweet spot directly in front of the sight line.
What We Like: A lot of options and a lot of feel make for a classic flatstick.
Who It’s For: Golfers who crave high-MOI performance, plus the feel of a pure carbon-steel putter. Tinkerers who like to move weights
Putterhead: Carbon steel (milled) • Putterface: Same • Weight: Adjustable • Designs: Milled Series 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7—Heel-shafted heel-toe blade; Milled Series 4—Heel-shafted half-mallet (available LH)
nevercompromise.com | $255
Nike IC 20-20
Key Feature: Its color scheme and alignment aid. The grip, shaft and clubhead are painted green to “suppress visual noise,” while the alignment aid and putter edge are white, making it easier to find and retain your line.
What We Like:The amount of care that went into developing an optically engineered putter.
It eliminates unnecessary “optical noise.”
Who It’s For: Golfers who struggle retaining an image of their target line while over the ball.
Putterhead: Aluminum • Putterface: Same Weight: Std. • Designs: 20-10, 20-10A—Blade; 20-15, 20-15A—Mid Mallet; 20-20—Large Mallet
nikegolf.com | $140


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