2008 Putter Buyer's Guide

Known as the most interesting and often the most colorful club in the bag, putters are more unique than ever. Want to try a new shape? A new material? There?s something new for everyone.

Dead On Series III
Key Feature: The dual material (stainless steel and aluminum) construction. Not only does it provide an optical alignment aid, but it helps increase the Dead On’s MOI.
What We Like: Expertly balanced mallet that’s hard to swing off line. Also, the club’s Rear Wing features easy-to-align arrows.
Who It’s For: Players who dig space age putterheads and are looking for a high MOI offering that’s perfectly weighted.
Putterhead: 17-4 Stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum • Putterface: Stainless steel Weight: Std. • Designs: Series III—Center Shafted Mallet, Offset Shaft
elitesp.com | $369
F2 Hamilton
Key Feature: Its MicroDome face insert ensures players will make better contact and hit straighter putts. Its perimeter back weighting increases the putter’s sweet spot and keeps mis-hits online and rolling the right distance.
What We Like: The adjustable heel and toe weights make it easy to adapt to different green speeds. Comes in two different models.
Who It’s For: Players who like the latest face and weighting technology.
Putterhead: 17-4 Stainless Steel • Putterface: Proprietary Polymer • Weight: Adj. • Designs: HM1—Offset-style hosel blade; HM4—Offset-style hosel mallet, heel-shafted.
f2golf.com | $129
Fisher Talon Tour Series
Key Feature: The TS-1 face insert features different contact materials on each of its four sides, from extra-soft to extra-firm, allowing the user to adapt to different green conditions.
What We Like: The TS-2 and TS-3 models feature reversible inserts, but are no less prone to twisting on off-center hits.
Who It’s For: Golfers who like the stability provided by the high-MOI design, and adjustable weighting using three different metals.
Putterhead: Stainless Steel (milled) Putterface: Kevflex polymer • Weight: Adj. Designs: TS-1, TS-2, TS-3—Heel-shafted, face-balanced mallet (available LH)
fishergolf.com | $179

Gel Golf Hurrion Signature Series
Key Feature:Gel Golf’s Groove Technology insert eliminates backspin and skid, so the golf ball gets on line quickly.
What We Like: Dr. Paul Hurrion, a noted biomechanic and putting coach developed his Signature Series over the past 10 years and he’s delivered four unique models.
Who It’s For: There are a number of options; anyone who wants to putt better can find one.
Putterhead: Stainless Steel • Putterface: Same • Weight: Standard • Designs: Rego (Center Shafted Mallet), Sedo (Heel-Shafted Mallet); Scindo (Center-Shafted Blade), Sedo II (Heel-Shafted Blade)
clevelandgolf.com | $165
Heavy Putter DF Series
Key Feature: Standing for “Deep Face,” the new DF Series weighs in at a total of 900 grams, which makes it a lot easier to put a smooth stroke on the golf ball.
What We Like: The deep-faced design is a good one, but so too is the unique face texture that imparts a quick roll.
Who It’s For: Those of you who have the yips, use your hands too much and/or want to groove a smooth, silky stroke.
Putterhead: Stainless steel • Putterface: Same Weight: Heavy! • Designs: C2-DF Blade; D1-DF, D3-DF Camelback; E1-DF, E3-DF mallet; F3-DF Stealth, G3-DF Rake
heavyputter.com | $169
MacGregor DCT
Key Feature: Bobby Grace designed the DCT (“Distance Control Technology”) series with mis-hits in mind. By incorporating a DCT face insert, distance lost on off-center ball contact is significantly minimized.
What We Like: The Series features classically shaped flatsticks with modern technology.
Who It’s For: Players who struggle to make solid contact and want a traditionally shaped blade to help hole more putts.
Putterhead: Stainless Steel • Putterface: Same (with DCT insert) • Weight: Std. Designs: Sunset, Palma Ceia, Captiva, Bellaire, Sanabel, Saratoga, Lakewood
macgregorgolf.com | $129


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