What’s Hot In 2010

An insider’s look at some of the hot new stuff for 2010

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The Goods: Adams Speedline 9032LS driver/Speedline 9032Ti hybrid-fairway woods

The Skinny: Adams’ sloped driver sees its first reincarnation, now paired with a thin- crowned, deep-CG little brother built for the short grass.

The Word from Adams Golf: As in the original Speedline series, the patent-pending aerodynamic shaping of the next-generation Speedline 9032LS driver creates less drag and airflow turbulence, resulting in an impressive three- to four-mph-faster clubhead speed and three to nine yards more distance. Design improvements to the 9032LS include a 17.3% larger face area for more forgiveness, and heel and toe scoops that are 11⁄2 times bigger than the original Speedline driver for better airflow. The new features optimize launch conditions with 10% lower spin off the clubface, thereby generating even more distance.

The exceptional design features of the Speedline 9032Ti hybrid-fairway woods have resulted in the longest-hitting fairway wood ever developed by Adams Golf. These new woods have a center of gravity that’s 22% lower, a crown that’s 25% thinner and a titanium body that’s 40% lighter than conventional fairway woods. This advanced weighting system is highlighted by two 40-gram tungsten sole inserts and a weight port that makes the Speedline 9032Ti extremely long off the tee and easy to hit from the fairway. In addition, these fairway woods are designed with an extremely high CT (characteristic time) face to deliver the fastest ball speed of any fairway wood designed by Adams Golf. The unparalleled technology of the Speedline 9032Ti woods is so advanced that they come with a guarantee of an additional 10 yards over conventional fairway woods for every golfer. $369 (driver); $329 (fairway wood)


TaylorMade xFT Wedge

Arguably the most innovative offering for 2010, TaylorMade’s xFT (Exchangeable Face Technology) wedge rings up for $129 and allows you to change out its face so you have fresh new grooves whenever you want. It’s that concept that we like the most. After all, having fresh, sharp grooves makes a huge difference when playing your approach shots. Comes in 10 loft/lie combos; each extra face costs $39.

The Goods: adidas TOUR360 4.0 shoe

The Skinny: Years after someone figured out that low-profile fairway woods rock, adidas is bringing players’ feet closer to the biggest rock of all.

The Word from Dave Ortley, senior director global footwear, adidas Golf: For 15 years, golf footwear manufacturers have relied almost entirely on two fastening systems, Fast Twist and Q-Fit. Both systems include a receptacle and a removable cleat. The receptacle is inserted in the sole unit of golf shoes to retain the cleat, which typically screws in and locks in place. At adidas Golf, our pursuit of innovative and meaningful golf footwear technology ran us up against certain restrictions related directly to the thickness of the conventional cleat-attachment systems. They were both too thick, and protruded too far up into the sole of the shoe, making the sole itself very thick and bulky.

Our THiNTech low-profile shoe technology brings the golfer’s foot (and center of gravity) closer to the ground for added stability, better balance, improved feel and, ultimately, better ballstriking. To do this, we knew that we needed a new attachment system that was thinner than what every other manufacturer was using. We signed an exclusivity deal with PrideSports (makers of Fast-Twist) and codeveloped a new system known now as PINS (Performance Insert System), which cuts the thickness of the cleat and receptacle unit by 30%, allowing adidas Golf to accomplish its goal of designing thinner sole units. The end result is shoes that look sleeker and more appealing while performing like no other. New advanced THiNTech low-profile sole technology delivers better stability, balance, flexibility, feel and reduced weight due to less material in the sole unit. The technology is exclusive to adidas Golf through 2011, and will find its way into all adidas golf footwear for the 2010 season. $180


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