What’s Hot In 2010

An insider’s look at some of the hot new stuff for 2010

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The Goods: Mizuno MP-58 forged irons

The Skinny: A departure for Mizuno and its Dual Muscle cavity-back design featuring titanium in the club’s “outer muscle” for added forgiveness.

The Word from David Llewellyn, golf club R&D manager, Mizuno USA: This is Mizuno’s first multimaterial MP iron. By forging the titanium insert into the muscle of the iron, we’re able to replace the higher-density steel with lower-density titanium, while maintaining thickness behind impact. The effect is a simultaneous increase in forgiveness and improved feel. Before Ti Muscle Technology, feel and forgiveness worked inversely to each other.

Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging is a manufacturing process that provides the best-feeling irons in the industry, regardless of handicap. The metallic grain structure of our forged heads has long, uniform, tightly compacted grains. This, combined with our exclusive 1025E mild carbon steel, which is six times purer than required by industry standards, provides unparalleled soft, solid, consistent feel from head to head and set to set. Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that forged irons are for better players. The reality is that mid- to high-handicappers have more to gain by using a Mizuno forged iron, due to the improved feel and feedback. If players can feel more and learn more about what happens at impact, they can more easily improve and adapt their swing. $1,200/set

The Goods: TaylorMade Penta TP ball
The Skinny: Forget the coven, TM’s new five-layer ball is all about a different kind of black magic.

The Word
from TaylorMade’s Dean Snell, head of golf ball research and development: It took three years of extensive research and development to create the Penta TP, the first five-layer Tour ball. The goal was to develop a revolutionary ball that delivered exceptional performance in all five key shot categories—driver, long irons, middle irons, short irons and partial wedges. The five layers of Penta TP include the core, inner mantle, middle mantle, outer mantle and cover, and each one plays a critical role in optimizing the performance of each of the five key shots. The layers of Penta TP are configured strategically to promote “Progressive Distance,” which allows it to deliver terrific distance to all types of swing speeds. That’s because each layer is exceptionally fast. Slow swingers who generate only enough clubhead speed to activate the outer mantle will benefit. Medium swingers who can activate only the outer and middle mantles will benefit. Fast swingers who activate the outer, middle and inner mantles will benefit. And, of course, very fast swingers who activate every mantle plus the core will benefit. Penta TP is targeted at better players, although every level of golfer can activate the ball’s distance capabilities and greenside spin. $45/dozen


PING i15 Driver
Swinging this premium big stick made us feel like a Tour pro. Made with a “fade-bias,” the i15 ($405) is designed for players who like to shape their shots. Translation: The i15 is built for better golfers.

Its 460cc’s are masked nicely via its traditional pear shape and deep face, both of which help promote a better energy transfer into the ball. Also, internal weights placed away from the face knock spin rates down to produce a more Tour-like trajectory and better control. That said, the i15 still retains a measurable level of forgiveness that many other Tour-inspired drivers simply don’t have.


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