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The Baffler is back, this time with a Triple Weighting System (TWS).

First Impressions: The straightforward aesthetics of the Baffler TWS mask a lot of technology within. Stuff like internal weighting, a maraging-steel face insert and a CG that’s both low and away from the face.

Performance: If you’re struggling with your long irons and have yet to decide on a hybrid replacement, the Baffler TWS may be the one. We found this hybrid to be remarkably easy to hit, both from the rough and fairway. The TWS really ramped up the MOI, meaning they resist as much twisting as possible and help your hybrid shots fly both high and with a little draw. The six loft options, as well as senior and women’s models offered, help cater to a wide variety of players. The Cobra/Aldila DVS-HL graphite shaft launched the ball high in a hurry, helping us hit shots that, frankly, we could never do with our long irons—ever.

Bottom Line: The Baffler TWS (all six of them) is a great long-iron replacement for all skill levels. Better players might prefer the neutral weighting of the Baffler PRO.

Cobra’s multimaterial irons are popular not only because they look great, but also because of some serious performance benefits.

First Impressions: The most noticeable feature of the S2 Irons is the topline insert, which makes for a unique look over the ball. It’s almost as if it’s there to remind you to not overswing—the club has enough technology built in to get the job done right. Behind the clubface is a wealth of cutouts, inserts and shiny medallions—all designed to increase the clubs MOI, lower the CG and promote straighter and longer shots.

Performance: We hit long, powerful shots with the S2s. The lofts are muscled up a bit, and the perimeter weighting made it possible to still hit the green when we missed the sweet spot. We also favored the sole design, which is beveled to make the most of a wider sole without feeling or looking overly clunky. The sound and feel of the S2 irons actually felt more like the soft, muted feel of a forged iron. Oh, and we really liked the Nippon N.S. Pro steel shafts.

Bottom Line: A technologically advanced iron that uses nonmetal materials to make the CG lower and the hitting area bigger. What’s not to like?


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