Sneak Peek 2010

Curious to see what lies ahead in 2010? Here’s a sneak peek at some (not all!) of the product offerings coming soon to a pro shop near you.

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Maker of some of the purest irons you can buy, Mizuno offers a slew of new beauties to choose from in 2010. The MP-58 ($999) is built with Mizuno’s all-new DUAL MUSCLE TITANIUM technology and the MP-68’s ($899) new 3D blade style is the next iteration of a player’s blade.

Other new clubs include the FLI-HI ($140) hybrid iron, made specially for high shots that land soft. The MX-300 ($799) is Mizuno’s best effort at melding forgiveness with shot maneuverability, and the MX-1000 ($999-$1,199) oozes big distance and playability for all skill levels.

Built with recreational golfers in mind, Adams’ highly forgiving Idea a70S ($799) hybrid iron set features three hybrids, two mid-hybrids and three wide-soled cavity-back short irons. (The Idea a70S hybrids also may be purchased individually.)

Designed for mid-handicappers, Adams’ Idea a7 ($599-$699) hybrid set features a 3- and 4-iron hybrid and six irons whose top lines get progressively thinner as the clubs shorten. (The Idea a7 hybrids also may be purchased individually.)

Not available until March 2010, the new Nike MachSpeed ($359) driver looks more menacing than any other driver we’ve seen from Nike. Featuring a square shape that’s optimized for better aerodynamics, as well as STR8-FIT customization, the MachSpeed is sure to be Nike’s next big thing.

Nike’s new Method ($249) putters created a buzz a while back, with several players using and winning with them long before they were introduced to the public. Why the buzz? The face of every Method putter has a polymetal groove design, causing a faster, purer and more consistent forward roll.

Featuring a new material called “Ti-X51AF,” which has a lower density and higher elasticity than general titanium, Srixon’s Z-TX Driver ($499) not only is light but also has an optimal CG location to maximize its distance and accuracy. Srixon’s premium forged Z-TX Irons ($899) provide playability and accuracy without sacrificing forgiveness, with an optimal weight distribution that provides a 20% larger COR area.


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