Sneak Peek 2008

What?s great in 2008 can be yours right now!

sneak peekCleveland HiBORE XLS
The third-iteration HiBORE is the best yet, with a redesigned crown section, a larger clubface and a ridiculously high MOI. One look and you’ll see why this driver is so much fun to hit. And, with three options available (Standard, Draw and Tour) and two stock Fujikura shaft options (Red or Gold), there’s a big dog for everyone. Also, the new HiBORE XLS fairway woods and hybrids are already Tech Award frontrunners in our book. Don’t miss ’em.

- Standard
- Tour
- Draw

sneak peekAdams Idea A3 Boxer
Arguably the hottest hybrid on Tour, the new IDEA a3 Boxer is set to become another player favorite. By incorporating Boxer tech, which displaces weight away from the face toward the rear of the clubhead, the Boxer has a high MOI for straighter, more forgiving shots. Also, the Maraging steel face and cambered sole help encourage not only added distance, but greater performance off uneven surfaces.

sneak peekTaylorMade Burner TP
The new Burner TP golf ball from TaylorMade is designed for players who “love to bomb it.” The three-piece design features a unique Iothane™ cover, designed to provide more spin off an iron shot than any other TaylorMade golf ball. The Burner TP also features the company’s Low Drag Performance (LDP) 342-dimple pattern for improved distance, even on off-center hits. Also new for ’08 is the standard Burner model, as well as improved TP Red and Black models.

sneak peekWinn PCi
It was only a matter of time before polymer grips blended with corded grips, and Winn Grips is on the forefront of this new integration. With two versions available (PCi, PCi Hybrid), Winn Grips has taken its popular V17 polymer and infused corded materials (to various degrees, depending on grip style) to make a set of grips that truly has a new, unique feel. Look for the PCIs to be a big hit in ’08.

sneak peek Tour Edge XCG Driver
Materials, clubhead shape and construction all help determine a club’s MOI. Tour Edge’s new XCG driver is built with an ultralight magnesium crown, heavy steel body and cupped titanium face that ramps up the MOI, but also creates an extreme CG. The XCG is the first club from Tour Edge to employ magnesium, making it a real groundbreaker.


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