Sneak Peek 2008

What?s great in 2008 can be yours right now!

sneak peek Nickent 3DX Tour Square
After the success of the popular and nicely priced 3DX Square driver, Nickent is proud to unveil a Tour-inspired version. This time, Nickent’s ultra-high MOI model comes in all black and with more bulge and roll to help the ball fly lower with the same distance of the original 3DX driver. Other features include a proprietary internal structure, which Nickent claims produces a better sound and feel than other square-shaped drivers.

sneak peek Rife Two Bar Hybrid
The new Two Bar Hybrid from Rife Putters features a vertical notch to ensure a proper setup, Two Bars for enhanced aim, adjustable speed weighting for a custom feel, and RollGroove Technology that’s designed to provide a consistent, no-skid roll.

sneak peek Nike Golf Slingshot and Sumo Irons
In our opinion, the Slingshot irons were a revolutionary step forward in iron design, but it’s the latest Slingshots that impressed us the most. Streamlined and better looking than ever, these irons might find their way into a few Tour bags. Also, check out the new and mega-forgiving Sumo irons, which got their inspiration from driver technology. Look for a high COR and MOI in these fresh new sticks.

sneak peekHiPPO HEX
Last year, HiPPO’s HEX Hybrid driver shook up the industry with its unique hexagonal shape. This year, they have applied the design to their fairway woods and hybrids. The Hybrid comes in three lofts (17, 20 and 23 degrees) and is constructed with a maraging stainless-steel head and carbon rails to help boost its MOI. HiPPO’s HEX putter (not shown) also features a hexagonal shape, but not to increase its MOI. Instead, three highly visible hexagons on the top of the putterhead act as an alignment aid. Look for three grams of weight in each of its back corners that give the HEX high MOI, nonetheless.

PING Tour-W Wedge
With shotmaking versatility in mind, the new Tour-W wedge from PING is poised for success. Featuring a compact, teardrop shape, machined grooves, a tuning port and tungsten toe insert, this wedge packs a lot of technology in a beautifully elegant shape. Two finishes are available, and unfortunately, there just isn’t enough room to list the huge number of loft/bounce configurations.


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