Shoes Buyer's Guide 2007

What you wear on your feet can make a huge difference in not only how comfortable you are, but also how powerful a swing you can make

Hi-Tec V-LiteHi-Tec V-Lite
Despite having some tremendous bite (pun intended) when it comes to gripping the turf, the new V-Lite from Hi-Tec is about 100 grams lighter than most other shoes on the rack. That kind of weight lifted from the feet makes walking and swinging a lot more comfortable. Say “Goodbye!” to tired feet.

Nike SP-6Nike SP-6
Everyone knows about Nike’s air-cushioned comfort, but the new Power Platform is what’s creating the latest buzz. It starts with a Power Channel in the sole to help the feet push the ground for more power, a Flex Channel in the forefoot for more flexibility where needed and other stability plates for added support. Oh yeah, they look cool too.

Softspike RevolutionSoftspike® Revolution
Over the weekend, I had the chance to catch a few holes of the Nissan Open, a tournament played on the storied Riviera Country Club. “Riv,” as it’s known to us Angelinos, was also the site of the 1995 PGA Championship where Steve Elkington captured his only major. During the Nissan telecast, they showed highlights of Elkington’s victory, including a close-up of his ball hopping over a very spike-marked 18th green. I could barely believe my eyes. How could anyone make a putt before soft spikes?

Today, most pros have traded in their metal spikes for soft ones, so the greens are Teflon-smooth. Leading the charge in the industry is a company whose name is synonymous with the nonmetal cleat era: Softspikes®. More than 75 percent of all touring professionals wear Softspikes®, primarily because they’re adaptable, easy to use and provide great traction.
SoftspikesJust consider their Pulsar brand. It’s available in all three of today’s most popular golf shoe insert systems and features a first-of-its-kind color-coded thread ID system that allows users to select their proper golf shoe thread type. Pretty adaptable, eh?

They’re also pretty darn comfortable and sturdy. Softspikes’® Reactive Comfort Technology delivers maximum comfort and performance via a 16-component design that reacts to every angle of force exerted by the golfer—something today’s high-swing-speed Professional desperately needs. It’s safe to say these aren’t your father’s spikes.

As Softspikes® continues to look to the future, it becomes more apparent that those spike-marked greens truly are a thing of the past.


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